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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#100-76)

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Ya’ll ready for the top 100?

Go head then.







100: Chen Xiao – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: There they go again!! This is the girl single handedly responsible for knocking off Seulgi, Bomi, Chorong etc etc…meet Cheng Xiao, get to know that name because she is a hitman.

99: Seoyoung – Hellovenus

Photo by GenerAsia

Pa: H-E-L-L-O Venus welcome to the top 100. Expect to see a lot more members in the top 100 but this is only the beginning…5’5″ with brown eyes, can’t get much better than that.

98: Cao Lu – Fiestar

cao lu fiestar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: Only 3 picks into the top 100 and already 2 Chinese members. Are the Chinese starting to take over K-Pop? Stay tuned.

97: Sunhwa – Secret

sunhwa secret photo
Photo by ngoc ngoc 77

Pa: She left the group this year but she still makes our list…even when she’s not part of the group she’s still putting up stats…damn.

96: Moonbyul – Mamamoo

Photo by Tumblr

Pa: You may be thinking to yourself “I thought Mamamoo was all Solar” and you would be wrong, introduce yourself to Moonbyul…the least talked about member of the group. Hopefully after making the top 100 of this list people will start putting some respek on her name.

Chu:  Moonbyul looks really hot in that pic.

Ra: Hot.

95: Minah – Girls Day

minah girls day photo
Photo by doiphudu2303

Pa: She barely made it into the top 100, Minah is going to need to rely on more than her vocals if she wants to stay here for years to come.

Chu: Pa is trippin.  Minah’s a cutie.

94: Sujeong – Lovelyz

sujeong lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: I told you Lovelyz was killing it right? Just another member to add to the list.

93: Lizzy – After School

lizzy after school photo
Photo by onewshawols_4ever

Pa: The first regular female contestant of Running Man makes our list not only for her incredible looks but also her personality.

92: Woori – Rainbow

woori rainbow photo
Photo by Altairhhh

Pa: One of the older members on our list, at age 28 Woori has still got it…probably would be the best person to actually date on this list if one of us was to date her but unfortunately this will be the last time on this list as her group disbanded and i don’t see her pursuing a solo rap career…hats off to Woori congrats on making top 100.

91: Pinky/Jieqiong – IOI

pinky ioi photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Another Chinese member on this list? Already 3 in the top 100, the Chinese invasion is happening! but boy oh boy do they bring it.

Chu: Damn the heat. Top 100 don’t fuck around.

Pa: I’m low key scared to say the next 5. Might get murdered in the streets for it.

90: Mina – AoA

mina like a cat aoa photo
Photo by OTP-Love

Pa: Sometimes she looks like a top 25 player, other times she’s got a jaw line like Roy Jones…she’s very inconsistent but she’s at such a high level that it doesn’t matter she can still be top 100…she also holds the record as the girl that came closest to defeating Seolhyun in a video (see: Like a Cat).

Deezy: Seems like the millionth Mina on the list, but my favorite one.  Tiny and dorky, but still fire.

89: Momo – Twice

momo twice photo
Photo by pmrowla

Pa: Japan is up in this piece with the famous Twice dancer Momo…Momo famously did not make the final group but JYP made a exception and put her on the squad because he saw so much talent…well JYP we see it too.

88: Uee – After School

uee photo
Photo by 사라1

Pa: One of the faces of After School, she has been one of the fortunate ones to keep her career alive through tv shows…she is also 5’7″-5’8″ so shout out to the tall women.

87: Hyorin – Sistar

hyorin photo
Photo by MrVarley

Pa: S-i-s-ttt-a wait hold up…what is she doing this far down? Did something happen? Well it did, Hyolyn has officially become the least attractive member of Sistar…yes you heard it here first.

86: Soyul – Crayon Pop

soyul crayon pop photo
Photo by warablo

Pa: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl look this good with front bangs…that alone gets her into the top 100 but add in a cute face, skinny body and some vocals and you find yourself at 86.

Chu: My kpop Yukiko (Persona 4).

Cab: Was Yukiko the side piece?

Chu: Nah Yukiko was the main. Rise was the side.

Ra: Yo what up Momo.

Cab: Yeah Rise was too clingy.

85: Xuan Yi – Cosmic Girls

xuan yi wjsn photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Honestly this is the Cosmic Girls world and we just live in it…these girls are young and on fire, I don’t see them slowing down any time soon.

84: Kei – Lovelyz

kei lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: This girl is great…there’s not much more i can say but she is a rising star…shout out.

83: Soyou – Sistar

Photo by MengJiaBiased

Pa: I picked a picture with a surprised look on her face for 3 reasons: 1) she beat out Hyolyn 2) she lost to Dasom 3) she is shocked that she’s not top 50 after her workout transformation.

82: Eunji – Apink

Photo by AsianCelebrityUpdate

Pa: The most lovable member of the group finds herself getting no love on this list…she is easily top 100 but she finds herself not getting top 50 respect…if this were vocals she’d get top 10 for sure.

Ra: I disagree.

Cab: 82? Oh dear God.

81: Seohyun – SNSD

seohyun photo
Photo by SNSD_Photo

Pa: Will any of the girls generation members make top 50? IDK it’s looking pretty bleak for the most popular group in the nation.

80: Jiwon – Spica

Photo by Topofthekpops

Pa: Former T-Ara member and stacked human being Jiwon finds herself at number 80, not a bad showing from the girls of Spica but they are officially out.

Chu: Pour one out.

79: Hyemi – 9muses

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: They may not have their full group anymore but the are sure fighting hard to make a name for themselves on this list…respect the process.

78: Dasom: Sistar

dasom photo
Photo by Acilegna Morales

Pa: The new face of Sistar? Oh wait there is still one more left but still, the new number 2 of Sistar? Who would have predicted that 2-3 years ago?

Chu: Hard work and dedication pays off.

77: Yoona – SNSD

yoona girls generation photo

Pa: She acts, she sings, what more do you want from her? She’s been in the business for a long time but is still placing top 80…amazing.

76: Jaekyung – Rainbow

jaekyung rainbow photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: The leader, the face, the singer of Rainbow is the last member of the group to grace this list. Let us take a moment to pay our respects to a great girl group and wish them the best of luck in their lives…it doesn’t seem like any of them will be returning to the music industry so cheers to them on successful careers.







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