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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#125-101)

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WE BACK.  Let’s continue the list as we approach the top 100 of some of the finest women on the planet.







125: Dawon – Cosmic Girls

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: The battle heats up between these rookie girl groups…I don’t know anything about them really but i know they are fighting for that number 1 spot…the only thing i know about cosmic girls is that they were each assigned a zodiac sign to represent and Dawon represents aries.

Chu: Knowledge.

124: Mina – Gugudan

mina gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: Controversy alert! As a member of IOI she was overshadowed but as a member of gugudan she vaults herself up the list to number 124…yes you can be on the list twice if you are in two groups.

123: Tiffany – SNSD

tiffany girls generation photo
Photo by myidol2

Pa: Oh no when you start throwing names like Tiffany around you know you must be approaching something great on the list…Tiffany is the warning shot that this battle is going to heat up.

Chu: Damn. Tiffany at 123.  If we put this list out, people might kill us.

122: Haeryung – Bestie

haeryung photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: Uh oh another girl from Bestie on this list outside the top 100…a dark horse, this group was supposed to have it all…can their last two members save the day for them?

121: E-Young – After School

e-young photo
Photo by BaNanana2

Pa: Shout out to the After School girls making this list even though they’ve been on hiatus for 3 years…little known fact about E-Young, she plays the cello, guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and flute all at a fairly high level.

120: Sooyoung -SNSD

sooyoung photo

Pa: Two Girls Generation members outside of the top 100? both of them not getting the respect to at least make the top 100? damn this list is cold.

119: Soobin – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: The main vocalist of Cosmic Girls Soobin represents the sign Virgo.

118: Soyee – Gugudan

soyee gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: Whenever Gugudan sees Cosmic Girls on the list they gotta fire right back with one of their own, so bam top that! only question is….are they running out of members to throw up there?

117: Seulgi – Red Velvet

seulgi photo
Photo by lingglugg

Pa: Woah woah another Red Velvet member outside the top 100? what is happening today? this list is getting insane! They said some heavy hitters would fall today and it is happening.

116: Mei Qi – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Who are these Cosmic Girls? Why are they pushing people out of the top 100? i guess we will find out, stay tuned…Mei Qi represents libra btw.

Cab: I’m respecting these picks.

Ra: Idk a lot of these, but they all look pretty hot.  Seulgi should be higher, but I’m OK with it.

Cab: Boram hurt me pretty bad I’m not gonna lie. I stared outside the window for a bit.

Pa: The next 15 is gonna be brutal. I apologize in advance.

115: Yezi – Fiestar

yezi fiestar photo
Photo by peanadbutt

Pa: Yezi Yezi Yezi she brings that hot fire but is dumb as rocks, but you don’t have to be smart when you look like that.

114: SinB – GFriend

sinb photo
Photo by Enzer’s World

Pa: My favorite girl of the group, she is the lifeblood of GFriend and has a chance to be the hottest member with a little bit of dedication.

113: Kaeun – After School

kaeun photo
Photo by Ashachu

Pa: The bad girl of After School, she was just coming up when they went on hiatus so her talent was never seen…little known fact, she now is a dj while waiting for after school to return.

112: Mina – Twice

mina twice photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: Mina is probably one of the most important members in Twice as she is part of their foreign line….long live the land of the rising sun.

111: Qri – T-Ara

qri photo
Photo by minheego

Pa: You mention STACKED you mention her name, she’s been in the business for a while now but lord almighty is she improving year by year.

110: Lisa – Blackpink

lisa blackpink photo
Photo by trínghiênphác

Pa: The only member of Blackpink to not make the top 100, Lisa falls just short at 110…Ra is going to probably be upset by this but RESPEK THA LIST.

Cab: Lisa has bars.

109: Sihyun – Spica

juhyun spica photo
Photo by itgscv1

Pa: This is a win for the short hair lovers as she normally has a boy hair cut but she keeps the dream alive for having a girl with boy hair in the top 100.

108: Nahyun – Sonamoo

nahyun sonamoo photo
Photo by mcflyermelly

Pa: Oh you thought Sonamoo had fallen off and they wouldn’t make a comeback on this list? think again as they show off Nahyun…expect her in the top 100 next year.

Ra: Nahyun is hot.

107: Chaeyeon – IOI

chaeyeon ioi photo
Photo by myidol2

Pa: IOI has got the looks and the talent this is just another shining example of that…will she be able to retain her rank after IOI disbands, we shall see. (list is a few months outdated)

106: Wendy – Red Velvet

wendy red velvet photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: The best english speaker on this list, Wendy represents the Canadian Korean population well…her strong vocals are not the only thing where she is top tier…so close to 100.

105: Solji – EXID

solji photo
Photo by EXID Hani ♥

Pa: This must be the power vocals section as we have another lead singer in the group and another girl that can match vocals and looks, welcome to the list Solji.

104: JIN – Lovelyz

jin lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: Another Lovelyz member to grace the list, what can i say that hasn’t already been said… these girls are hot.

103: Chorong – Apink

chorong apink photo
Photo by edreajanaeramos

Pa: So close yet so far for this Apink member…top 100…she almost did it but unfortunately her looks just did not cut it in this difficult list…there is always next year.

Cab: Chorong is top 20 EASY. Ya dun goofed.

102: Sungah – 9muses

sungah 9muses photo
Photo by kpopmken

Pa: 9 muses should change their name to 5 muses as there are only 5 members left but they kept a good one here, unfortunately she was not able to make top 100 and fell just short.

101: Yuna – Brave Girls

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: First runner up is Yuna for the top 100, this is also the first time we’ve seen Brave Girls on this list…expect to see a lot more of them in the top 100.







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