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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#150-126)

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Hello.  Who are we?  Just 3 dudes with opinionated views on K-Pop who like to argue with each other over important topics (Who’s the best rapper in Blackpink? Who in TWICE has the best aegyo?).  We thought it’d be fun to make a list of the hottest/prettiest/cutest/most attractive/sexiest/most beautiful/most kawaii K-Pop girls in OUR OPINION.  Not meant to offend or throw shade, but feel free to argue or trash us in the comments because that’s always fun.  Just know that it took weeks, hundreds of google image searches, and much debate amongst our members to rank over 200 female K-Pop stars who (for the most part) have been active from 2016-2017.  I am Chu and my other friend who will do most of the commentating on this list goes by Pa.  I know I said we were only 3 dudes, but we shared this list with our friends so you will get commentary from them as well.  I will clarify who is speaking as we go.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.  In the name of science.

NOTE: Wonder Girls and CLC were not included due to ignorance.  Sorry.  Honest mistake.







150: Hyejeong – AoA

hyejeong photo
Photo by luearn1

Pa: Let the controversy begin, some may argue that she is the 3rd best looking AoA member but she finds herself at number 150 for a reason…she is the cover girl for never being able to lose that baby fat.

149: Soyeon – T-Ara

soyeon t-ara photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: What is going on here? The lead singer of the group T-Ara finds herself as the lowest rank member of the squad, can the rest of the squad bring her up?

148: Boram – T-Ara

boram photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: Not so fast! Boram joins her bandmate on this list, while not as talented musically and not as tall we hold a special place in our hearts for Boram and gave her the nod above Soyeon.

Cab: We have our first snub.  I respect the academy, though!

147: Bohyung – Spica

Photo by ohmonatheydidnt

Pa: This Spica member had so much potential but that jaw line….maybe she shaved her jaw a little too much??

146: Jimin – AoA

jimin aoa photo
Photo by

Pa: Personal favorite Jimin finds herself higher than expected on this list…slowly she has been getting hotter and hotter and looking more and more stacked! I’m never getting sick of that puss.

145: Sally – Gugudan

sally gugudan photo
Photo by arttechnician

Pa: How many of these girls are there you may be asking, but that’s the wrong question…the question is how high can this group go and how long will it take for them to realize their potential?

144: Hyemi – Fiestar

hyemi fiestar photo
Photo by jeryjw

Pa: Fiestar, welcome to the list! Hyemi may not be the cutest one in the group but she for sure isn’t ugly…all 5 members in the top 145, not a bad showing for Fiestar.

143: Yoojung – IOI

yoojung photo
Photo by nhiphương

Pa: She’s cute, she’s bubbly and she kills it on the variety shows…look out for this one, she puts in work.

142: Dayoung – Cosmic Girls

dayoung photo
Photo by mareenabinsuava

Pa: 13 members in the group and this is the 12th cutest girl and she is at number 142…scary scary.

Ra: Dayoung is hot.

141: Jisook – Rainbow

jisook rainbow photo
Photo by kpopmken

Pa: A group that is all about staying in shape? A group that is in their late 20s but still looks good? Sign me up, welcome to the list Jisook her first and only appearance as Rainbow disbanded this year.

140: Min – Miss A

min kpop miss a photo
Photo by spockeys

Pa: The feisty one of the group min is the first Miss A member on the list…she is very stacked for a Korean girl almost sometimes to the point where it looks funny so  that’s why she ended up here.

Ra: You were too nice to Min on this list.

139: Somi – IOI

somi photo
Photo by maimai84

Pa: The leader of IOI and another JYP product, Somi finds herself having the best year of her life, not a talented singer but still picked to be the leader of IOI, she finds herself making the top 140 of this list too, congrats Somi keep it up.

Chu: Hope we don’t get arrested for this.

138: Hyunyoung – Rainbow

hyunyoung rainbow photo
Photo by kpopcams

The queen of K-Pop fitness, Hyunyoung is known for her instagram workout videos and her tight body, normally that would earn her a higher place on this list but with so much competition she finds herself towards the middle of the pack.

137: Hwasa – Mamamoo

hwasa photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: One of our panelists was really high on this girl, in his words “dawg she is SO THICK”, the other panelist wasn’t so high leading to her being in  the middle of the back but not a bad showing.

Chu: LOL

136: Eunha – GFriend

eunha butt photo
Photo by Jay Yerim

Pa: This member of GFriend takes no prisoners with her cute looks and attractive body, look for her to try and vault herself up at least 40 spots before next yearss list is released.

Chu:  Agreed.  Dat booty tho.  She’s my favorite in GFriend now, but she wasn’t at the time of voting.

Pa: Gotta do that research, fam.

Ra: I’m glad Jia is still to be called.

Pa: Sorry to tell you Jia isn’t on the list.

Ra: Wowwwwww. You guys are fucked up.  So fucked.

135: Bomi – Apink

bomi apink photo
Photo by jonong1004

Pa: The fun of Apink she should be a lot higher on this list but someone was a hater and rated her low, shes got it all the looks, the spirit and vocals…next year…next year.

Ra: Yo why is Bomi 135? She’s so cute.

Pa: I know fam I know. Tragedy.

134: Nayoung – IOI

nayoung pristin photo
Photo by randyngo7199

Pa: Now we are getting to the fire!!! things are heating up as we approach the top 100 but unfortunately Nayoung didn’t make it but next year will be different.

Chu: Full disclosure, I messed up on the Nayoung and Chungha rankings.  I love em, seriously.

133: Serri – Dal Shabet

serri dal shabet photo

Pa: Come over here, Dal Shabet boy oh boy Serri is the freak of the group…she’s the one you’d want to meet at the bar for sure, cheers to Serri keep doing your thing.

132: Chungha – IOI

chungha photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Another girl on the list that was critically misplaced, the dancer of IOI brings the heat…just watch the whatta man video.

Chu: Agreed about Whatta Man.

131: Wheein – Mamamoo

wheein photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: The backup vocals of Mamamoo, she may be short in stature but she packs a punch! If she wasn’t so short she might be a little higher on this list.

130: Sojin – 9muses

jo sojin photo

Pa: The bad girl of 9 muses comes in at number 130…not a bad showing, can she rank high next year? will there be a comeback for 9muses? or will they be the next to disband?

129: Jiae – Lovelyz

jiae lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: If you haven’t noticed by now the girls from Lovelyz are all lovely and she fits that mold…this group is going to take off as they get older.

128: Nayoung – Gugudan

nayoung gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: It’s the battle of the young groups as Lovelyz and Gugudan fight for supremacy with cosmic girls…who will come out on top?

127: Seola – Cosmic Girls

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: Speaking of Cosmic Girls…boom they fire right back with a heavy hitter of their own…saying they will see you in the top 100 Lovelyz and Gugudan.

126: Narae – Spica

narae park photo
Photo by itgscv1

Pa: Another Spica girl…how high can this group go? we shall see just wait for our next installment when we dive into the top 125.

Chu: Leave a comment if you think we’re brain dead.







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