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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#25-1)

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25: Eunsol – Bambino

eunsol bambino photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: This Bambino member I 100% stand behind being in the top 25…she has one of the best smiles in the industry but above that shes super hot and there is no stopping here…don’t be surprised if she is higher on next years list.

Chu: Would any other kpop list of anything have Bambino this high? Probably not, but this is a fair ranking.

24: Woohee – Dal Shabet

Photo by asianjunkie

Pa: If there is anyone on this list I would legit marry it would be her…I can’t point out any flaws…shes the best…for those of you that don’t know, look up the Someone Like You video by Dal Shabet if you want to see all of them in the best light, good showing for the group though.

Chu: If anyone has a problem with this ranking, just know Smooth loves him some Woohee.

23: Hyomin – T-Ara

hyomin photo
Photo by Venus Ha

Pa: Another hot girl with a nice body? Yep this list is heating up…if you don’t like any girl in the top 25 then you gay…just admit it…you gay fam…btw this is only the 3rd hottest girl in t-ara and shes number 23 on the list smh.

Chu: LOL

22: Tzuyu – Twice

tzuyu photo
Photo by 劉洽裕Parry liu

Pa: Everyone knows that next year we are putting her in the top 10 so let’s just enjoy her at number 22 right now.

Chu: Agreed.

21: Yujeong – Brave Girls

Photo by Stardailynews

Pa: When people call you baby Naeun you know you are doing something right…a finish at number 21 in her first year in the business? Damn…unfortunately the group seems to be going through some issues so hopefully they continue cuz she can’t sing well enough for a solo career.

20: Eunjung – T-Ara

eunjung photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: Short hair, long hair, black hair, red hair, 2011, 2016, drama, music it doesn’t matter when or how you see her this girl is constant fire, probably the only one in the business that can switch the style up and if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up.

Chu: Yoon Baek Hee is fire.

19: Lee Hyori

lee hyori photo
Photo by SyNyght

Pa: The queen of kpop, she’s the one that started it all and still finds herself in the top 20 after 15 years…that is truly impressive, all hail the queen.

Chu: Respect.

18: Nari – Wassup

Photo by dkpopnews

Pa: One of the better dancers on this list Nari comes in at number 18…hot spunky with a whole lot of attitude there is nothing she can’t do…I don’t know why i like her so much, maybe its because she looks exactly like a girl i used to date idk.

Chu: If she looks like a girl you used to date, ya dun goofed.

17: Nara – Hellovenus

nara hello venus photo
Photo by hallohallyu

Pa: If they call you baby Jiyeon you are doing something right but this Jiyeon is packing a huge punch!

16: Yuri – SNSD

yuri snsd photo
Photo by Che7223

Pa: Sweet Yuri, finally some respek put on a Girls Generation member…hats off to them for making it this high on the list…will it ever happen again? Probably not but let’s give them the respect they deserve.

Chu: Yuri is really really hot in case you forgot.

15: Kyungli – 9muses

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: The lead singer of 9muses finds her way into the top 15…I’m not sure but she might be the highest rated lead singer on this list…anywho for her its all about the eyes…she has those f’ me right here right now eyes.

Chu: True real.  I’m surprised 9muses isn’t more famous just because of her.

14: Jieun – Secret

Photo by amimoapps

Pa: Pictures do not do this girl justice for how hot she is…just watch the videos…secret might be the most underrated hot group of all time…unfortunately they cannot find a hit song to catapult them into stardom.

Chu: Again, agreed.  Incredibly hot.  If she really does have a thing for Kwangsoo, dude is messing up by not hitting her up.

Ra: Damn.

13: Hong Jin Young

hong jin young photo
Photo by maugen@rocketmail.com1

Pa: One of the oldest members on our list is actually one of the hottest as well…if you don’t know anything about Hong Jin Young, look her up you won’t be disappointed…watch all of her episodes on running man and say to me with a straight face that you aren’t in love after….you can’t.

Ra: IDK about Hong Jin Young guys. I’ve seen hotter girls before her on the list.

Chu: She’s a flirt.  That may have influenced her ranking.

12: Jei – Fiestar

jei fiestar photo
Photo by HQ ♥

Pa: Actually Jei is the hottest lead singer on this list hahah I don’t even care if anyone else is ranked higher than this…boy oh boy not even sure what to say at this point…any of us would be lucky to even go on one single date with a any of these girls.

11: Yooyoung – Hellovenus

Photo by studio-g

Pa: So I’m just gonna say that compared to her standards, she looks bad in the picture above…you do the math.

Chu: Her in the Wiggle Wiggle dance practice video.  Bruh.  We talkin bout PRACTICE.

10: NS Yoon G

Photo by asianjunkie

Pa: Probably the best body in kpop NS Yoon G hasn’t been releasing records as of late….you want to know what she has been focused on recently? Playing basketball, she consistently posts videos of her shooting around at a gym and she even was on of the commentators on the NBA All Star for Korean TV….if she was still active in the music game she might have been number 1.

Chu: She’s a Kobe/Lakers fan so she has good taste.  Speaks English fluently.  Just really hot so I’ll contribute more pics.

Photo by ajunews

Photo by koreaboo

Photo by ns_yoong96

Ra: Great pic. Nice skin tone.

9: Jennie – Blackpink

blackpink jennie photo
Photo by Nicky Martinez

Pa: I know its going to make a lot of people sad that she isn’t number one but first year on the list and she makes top 10? That’s not too bad of a finish…she will have time to reach the upper levels but for now shes just not there yet.

Ra: What happened here.


Photo by aminoapps

Photo by koreaboo

Ra: What happened.

Chu:  Jennie is like Lebron entering the league.  Everyone knows she’s going to be one of the greatest. Hopefully that’s where the comparisons stop, but no doubting the potential.  Best duo for years to come.

Photo by blackpinkofficial

8: Jiyeon – T-Ara

Photo by allkpop

Pa: This is the reason why I even listen to kpop…she’s my first my last my everything….there are no words for me to express how much her and the rest of T-Ara have changed my life and shes still only 23.


Photo by yellowslugreviews

jiyeon photo

Photo by ztothek89

7: Suzy – Miss A

suzy miss a photo
Photo by dinhthihao575

Pa: Suzy is top class all the way, she is the face of korea for a reason and there is no disrespect on this list…the committee likes the package that she brings but when it comes to overall hotness the committee wants to see more of her, your girl group cant take 3 years off and you expect to be number one.

Cab:  How are there 6 goddamn women better than the GOAT? These next spots better just be blank spaces.

Chu: Hahaha

Cab: Suzy is The Rock.  She can take a decade off and come back to challenge for the STRAP.

6: Nana – After School

Photo by soompi

Pa: Probably not fair to add to this list since she is a legit model for the most part, it’s hard to argue with her beauty…she was just given all of God’s gifts and happens to be in a girl group as well.

Cab:  I’ve never seen her before. But damn.

Chu: You may prefer this to the top 5.  I can say one of them probably wouldn’t make any other kpop top 5 list.

Pa:  Yeah ya’ll might be disappointed by one of them in top 5, but just know it came from a good place.

Cab: You guys are good people.  Type of dudes to be coaching a basketball team, let the worst kid in and let him start chucking.

Chu: She’s fire. Just little known.

Cab: Oh lord.

Ra: Oh gawd. Doesn’t sound good. If Suzy or Jennie are hotter than her then like…what happened here.

Cab: Chu and Pa must’ve invested financially in this girl.  Like this whole list has been some scumbag promotional/marketing technique.  These dudes are slanging the girl’s mixtape and shit.  Giving us free download codes for her mixtape. Talking about “use these codes to download her shit on Napster.”

Lock:  Two things: 1. My favorite all-female kpop group is T-Ara but I don’t think Jiyeon is Top 10 worthy 2. Jisoo is the hottest member of Blackpink.

Ra: Dude not again. Jisoo is not the hottest.

Cab: Thank you, Lock. Always been my dude.  The truth shall set you free.

Pa: This guy.

5: Dahye – Bestie

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: The one you’ve never heard of, Chu’s favorite girl…she came out of nowhere but boy does she bring it…shes got the body, shes got the face there is nothing she cant do…she even raps….what more is there to say besides welcome to the top 5.

Chu: Posting more Dahye pics.

Photo by cadywitchbitch

Photo by wallofkoreangirls

Photo by smilewa

4: Yura – Girls Day

yura girls day photo
Photo by pjasonjack
yura girls day photo
Photo by bbsf010396
yura girls day photo
Photo by blu3sky89

Pa: Another rapper in the top 5, Yura charms us with her cuteness but don’t let that fool you, she is a vixen and everyone knows…she is gets slept on a lot when people talk about the hottest in kpop but she is for sure one of them….watch any Girls Day video.

3: Seolhyun – AoA

Photo by onehallyu

Photo by allkpop

Photo by aminoapps

Photo by ottokworld

Pa: I thought long and hard about this one but the new face of Korea is number 3 on this list. She’s got the body and the personality to win over the hearts of everyone and will most likely end up at number 1 in the near future but for now she must settle as a top 3 player.

2: Naeun – Apink

naeun photo
Photo by aditmat
naeun photo
Photo by SNVHE
naeun photo
Photo by SNVHE

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: Another tough choice but Naeun falls nicely into the number 2 slot here…the only thing we ask of Naeun is that she step up her sexiness level, if she even attempts to be sexy the world just may stop.

Chu: Blonde Naeun is the best Naeun. Super Saiyan status.  More pics.

Photo by onehallyu

1: Bora – Sistar

yoon bora photo
Photo by kpopmken

Photo by marinakpop

Photo by dkpopnews

Photo by dkpopnews

Pa: The queen! The reason why we are all here! The first true love! All hail Queen Bora who keeps it going despite multiple years in the game, here’s to at least 5 more strong years! That concludes our list folks.

Chu: Can’t complain at all.

Ra: I knew Bora was going to take number 1. I’m liking Naeun at 2. She really is super hot.

Pa: Naeun is fire.

Ra: Good shit brothers. List was great. Entertaining. Eye opening. Swag.

Chu:  Greatest literary piece of the last 20 years.

Cab:  Saw number 1 coming from a mile away. Can’t argue though.

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