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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#50-26)

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50: IU

iu photo
Photo by

Pa: The nations little sister is not so little anymore, unfortunately some of our panelists did not see that…IU is going to be around for a while so she still has time to get into that top 25.

Cab: The fuck?

49: Eunseo – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: See next.

48: Luda – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: See next.

47: Bona – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: The Cosmic Girls are fire I don’t know how many other ways I can put this…..see 2 from now.

46: Solar – Mamamoo

solar mamamoo photo
Photo by Nicky Martinez

Pa: Oh I love Solar….I love her so much….it pains me that she is this low but damn fam too good all the way.

Ra: Lmao. Damn. She’s fire geez.

45: Exy – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: When you are the leader of the Cosmic Girls and you are a rapper and participated in Unpretty Rapstar…you get bumped pretty damn high on this list.

Chu: Yeah Solar should be higher than her.

44: Minyoung – Brave Girls

Photo by  yellowslugreviews

Pa: To fully appreciate the Brave Girls just watch their music video Deepened- it will tell you all you need to know.

43: Jeonyul – Stellar

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: She can sing and she’s cute? What more could you want? Oh you want another video like Vibrato? I agree.

Chu: Those are some stellar cheeks.

42: Doyeon – IOI

doyeon photo
Photo by luearn

Pa: Honestly she shouldn’t be a singer, she should be a model…don’t look at photos of her around any female you may hope to keep in your life.

41: Taeyeon – SNSD

taeyeon photo
Photo by SNSD_Photo

Pa: The queen stays queen…you are the leader of the greatest girl group ever? Automatically puts you top 50 and your looks boost you a little higher.

40: D.ana – Sonamoo

d ana sonamoo photo
Photo by mcflyermelly

Pa: Still got a little baby fat? Yes….but that isn’t stopping her from making the top 40…and the fact that she walks around rocking the purple hair? my god give her the crown in a few years it’s over.

Chu: Purple, blonde, whatever. She’s hot.

39: Baby Soul – Lovelyz

Photo by allkpop

Pa: I think Chu put it best so I’m just going to write what he said: before i even looked at her i thought to myself if you call yourself baby soul you gotta be fire…..why yes Chu, she is.

38: Hyuna

hyuna photo
Photo by – Mèo

Pa: Former Wonder Girl, former 4minute girl Hyuna graces our list at number 38. If this was a list of who you’d want to see in your bed at night she’d be number one but unfortunately this is the end of the line for her here.

Ra: Flames.

37: Mijoo – Lovelyz

mijoo lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: Finally, the last member of Lovelyz…they managed to grab spots at number 39 and number 37, not bad for a young group with time to grow….expect to see all 8 of them on this list again next year.

36: Hyosung – Secret

hyosung secret photo
Photo by phamnhatduy1993

Pa: So I don’t know what to say about her…is it a tragedy she is this low? yes….is she STACKED? yes….can you look at pictures of her all day? Yes…..yes yes yes! Now cut to the DB theme music.

35: Krystal – f(x)

krystal fx photo
Photo by jowg1

Pa: I added Krystal to this list because 1. she’s hot and deserves some respect for both her acting and singing and 2. I miscounted the list and was short by 1 person so welcome to the list Krystal way to be top 35.

Chu: I had no say in this, but I have no qualms either.

34: Jessica

jessica jung photo
Photo by joandevils

Pa: Older sister Jessica isn’t going down without a fight…she’s still making music and although she’s not with Girls Generation anymore she still looks good doing it.

33: Yuna – AoA

Photo by topofthekpops

Pa: Chu do you want to write this one?  Yuna has been slowly improving year by year but shes just hasn’t been at a top level long enough to crack the top 30…but here’s to hoping she continues her climb.

Chu:  Yuna. Most underrated, never duplicated. Queen waifu.   Changes her hair every couple of months and I fuck with every one.

Photo by allkpop

Photo by naver

Photo by yn_s_1230

Photo by yn_s_1230

Ra: lol

Cab: Pictures are great.

32: Gayoung – Stellar

gayoung stellar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: By far the least stacked in the group but I don’t think anyone even notices when they watch Stellar’s videos….they are just wondering how they can make her their gf.

31: Fei – Miss A

Photo by elle

Pa: I know you all forgot Miss A was even on this list…well allow me to reintroduce them, this is Fei, the only Chinese member left in the group but that’s not stopping her, she continues to kill it.

30: Sowon – GFriend

sowon gfriend photo
Photo by Jay Yerim

Pa: This girl is fire…while she does absolutely nothing for the group…she brings the heat! She looks kinda awkward on stage with her long legs but once she grows into her body she will easily be top 25.

29: Linzy – Fiestar

Photo by allkpop

Pa: Linzy does slightly more with her group but is still mostly there for looks. Like Sowon she does not always fit in with the rest of the group but look for her to remain solid over the years.

28: Minhee – Bambino

Photo by allaboutkpopgirlgroups

Pa: This one I don’t really agree with BUT if you look at body alone…she’s a top 5 player on this list so I can’t complain about this ranking, keep doing your thang Bambino.

27: Uji – Bestie

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: You talk about talent vocals and looks, this girl has it all! Now if only she’d invest in that boob job she might be able to push herself up to the top 10 lol jk natural is okay too.

Chu: Yo that Whitney Houston cover though.

26: Irene – Red Velvet

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: I know everyone says they all look alike but there is clearly one that looks wayyyy better than the rest and that is Irene…until i did a deep dive in the group I couldn’t tell her apart from Seulgi or Yeri but now? Damn fam too good.

Chu: Agreed.  I like the wacky Red Velvet videos, but it makes it hard to differentiate.  Then you pay more attention and realize Irene is super hot fire.







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