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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#75-51)

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75: Yeri – Red Velvet

yeri red velvet photo
Photo by redvelvetgallery

Pa: They say they all look the same….well if they all look this good then damnit whomever put this group together did a damn good job.

74: Jisoo – Lovelyz

jisoo lovelyz photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Had you guys scared huh? You thought it was the other Jisoo…not yet… another member of Lovelyz in the top 100 and they still have 2-3 members left to be placed…damn that’s fuego.

73: Jisoo – Blackpink

jisoo blackpink photo
Photo by danilaufa

Pa: Now let’s here all of your hate as the 3rd cutest member in Blackpink ends up at number 73….don’t get me wrong she has potential, but when you see the rest of this list you will know she never had a chance.

Cab: Whelp. Pack it up.

Chu: I respect your work, but this might compromise the legitimacy of the entire list.  Jisoo is top tier waifu material.

72: Subin – Dal Shabet

subin dal shabet photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Probably the tallest girl on this list at 5’10″ Subin may be willing to date black guys…who knows?

71: Sana – Twice

sana twice photo
Photo by SynSalas

Pa: Foreign line coming through strong for Twice as all of their non Korean members keep the group afloat…expect big things from this one especially.

Ra: Was Dahyun called already?

Pa: Yeah.

70: Chahee – Melody Day

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Chahee is fuego! The only thing more fuego is when she has her pink hair, be on the lookout if this group ever takes off she will be on all of the front pages.

Chu: Can confirm. The pink hair does it.

Ra: Damn. Chahee. Sheesh.  Damn. These girls are all fire.

69: Minhee – Stellar

minhee stellar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: I tried to find the least sexiest picture of her on the internet and this is what i came up with…this girl is stacked and she wants it, just watch the videos.

68: Sejeong – IOI/Gugudan

sejeong photo
Photo by maimai84

Pa: Chu’s favorite makes the list at number 68. She may not be the cutest we’ve seen so far but she more than makes up for it with her personality, check her out on variety shows.

Chu: Waka flocka flames.  Sejeong is a real one.  Smile too cute for words.

67: Woojoo – Wassup

Photo by wassup-switch

Pa: I think these girls rank higher due to the Jordan effect. These girls can always be seen wearing a pair of Js and Supreme clothing…and for that we salute them.

66: Yeoreum – Cosmic Girls

yeoreum photo
Photo by mareenabinsuava

Pa: I don’t know how much more i need to reiterate that the Cosmic Girls and Lovelyz are here to top this list for a long time, just be prepared to hear about them a lot more.

65: Hyeri – Girls Day

hyeri girls day photo
Photo by dumoclan

Pa: The debate will always be whether or not she should have gone with short hair and if that changed her career arc…well placing number 65 on this talented list means you must be doing something right so shout out to her.

64: Yein – Melody Day

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Personal opinion is that Chahee is the hottest one in this group but it’s hard to argue with the talent of Yein…two girls in the top 70? not a bad showing for the little known Melody Day.

Chu: Tough call, but they’re both really really attractive.

63: Yein – Lovelyz

yein lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: A little on the young side, this Yein has tons of potential and room to grow. She already has top 5 legs in the business, she just needs the rest to catch up and she may one day end up top 25.

Chu: 2 Yeins, that’s cool.

62: Jinju – Wassup

Photo by sumimaro

Pa: Jinju may not always have it but she is willing to experiment to try and find it and for that we respect her. This may also be her last time on the list so let her get her shine on.

61: Eunji – Brave Girls

Photo by yellowslugreviews

Pa: If you’ve never watched this girl do the splits then you are missing out on greatness, she also shows a lot of cleavage which puts her high on our list.

Chu: She’s cute, but I admit Apink Eunji should’ve been the highest Eunji.  My bad.

60: Jeonghwa -EXID

junghwa exid photo
Photo by Only Ũ

Pa: She never gets the respect she deserves in the group but she has slowly and steadily been moving towards the forefront and has almost cemented herself as the hottest individual in the group…almost.

59: Sumin – Sonamoo

sumin sonamoo photo
Photo by pmrowla

Pa: This girl is perky from head to toe and that’s all i will say about this for now.

58: Rose – Blackpink

rose blackpink photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: One of the most controversial names on this list, Rose could not quite make the top 50 but she came close, expect her rise to continue….keep playing with fire girl.

Chu: I like Rose, but this should’ve been Jisoo, at the very least.

57: Ailee

ailee photo
Photo by brianpark1

Pa: Our first solo artist on the list, ailee combines power vocals with power looks…also the nude pics…google them.

56: Hani – EXID

hani exid photo
Photo by Only Ũ

Pa: Don’t care what anyone says, Hani is still the hottest girl in this group…she should have been higher but there was some controversial voting…either way a top 56 finish isn’t too bad.

Chu: It’s not that I don’t like Hani, but the short hair look was not a good look.

55: Sojin – Girls Day

sojin girls day photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: My ride or die Sojin places number 55 on the list by coincidence…she deserves higher but unfortunately she is just too old at this point to be a real threat to the top spots but she is still looking good.

Chu: Fine like wine, call her Vino.  Better with age.

54: Alice – Hellovenus

alice hello venus photo
Photo by SynSalas

Pa: Another strong vocals run with the lead singer of Hellovenus making the list…Alice has come a long way since her debut and we’ve noticed the progress and rewarded it…keep up the good work.

53: Hadam – Bambino

hadam bambino photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: When stripping meets kpop this is what you get….and we aren’t complaining! Keep up the good work.

52: Hayun – Brave Girls

Photo by yellowslugreviews

Pa: This girl’s hips do not lie, i had to choose a picture of her sitting down so that people would not get too excited.

51: Ellin – Crayon Pop

Photo by nopopnolife

Pa: When you think of Crayon Pop you don’t think of hot but go follow her on instagram and see if that doesn’t change your life.

Chu: Whoever came up with their concept is not doing them justice.







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