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Blackpink As If It’s Your Last Song Review

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Author: Daduda

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I rate the songs from only what I get to hear and see, I won’t take their past releases into consideration and compare.
Song: 4/5
The song is great! It has such a positive energy and is really fun to listen to. The instrumental in the verses had this weird fire alarm sound going on which was irritating, but they got better the longer I was into the song. Their vocals were pretty great. It was really easy to listen to them. They do sound better in their lower register than their higher one. Especially Jisoo, she sounded great. Rose’s build up to the chorus was awesome but I didn’t like the weird computer generated sound right before the chorus dropped. Lisa’s part in the chorus is really catchy! Her rap despite the lyrics (let’s be honest there are still worse ones) had a nice flow. I loved that they swapped up Rose and Jennie for the 2nd chorus to give it a bit more variety. The break down near the end had a different genre to it which really mixed in well with the song.
MV: 4/5
The MV looked awesome! I really enjoyed the many and bright colors they used which reflected in their clothes too. But sometimes it was too much, it looked so wild at some points like they just threw stuff on them without thinking about it. The dance parts in the dark looked very beautiful though.  It looked like they enjoyed filming it, too, and the dance parts were cut in nicely.
Dance: 3.5/5
The dance looked pretty but they didn’t had too much energy in their moves. Their lock in line walk was great! It was very refreshing tho! The moves looked catchy.
Overall: 3.8
The song is really good! It’s enjoyable without getting boring too fast after listening to it more times. Their visuals are no joke and the dance looked rather easy but fun!
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