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Zico – Television Album Review

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Author: Daduda

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Behind The Scenes: 3.5/5
This is very groovy. Zico has a special voice which showcases the best while rapping. And he does it good. The lyrics just fit to the beat and the way he raps it with playing with little high and deep notes, going faster or slower. He has great technique. The chorus is pretty catchy. The instrumental has been kept pretty similar throughout the song though towards the end they changed it up a bit. The song was a bit lackluster overall.
Artist: 4/5
So I have to say that the “we ahh” is kind of annoying. Besides this, the song is also very groovy. I loved the instrumental in this one, it definitely sounded pretty old school especially shortly before the chorus with the xylophone noises. The chorus instrumental had a whole different style than the verse which was amazing listening. I love Zico’s singing voice, it’s very unique. Again he plays with going faster despite the instrumental not changing its pace. I liked how the instrumental changed to water drops and claps towards the end, kept it somewhat minimalistic.
Anti: 5/5
G.Soul has an amazing voice. Glad he featured for this track, he brought something special to it. The instrumental is kept pretty simple with some drum beats and a steady bass line. Zico’s rap again is great listening too because he just has this flow that goes well with every rap he does. G.Soul bringing life to the chorus is awesome. It sounded great especially with the instrumental that got a bit more experimented with.
The silent breakdown after the 2nd chorus was a nice change and then suddenly the different instrumental with Zico going a bit more aggressive with it is an awesome change. G.Soul ending the song was a good decision.
Fanxy Child: 3/5
I loved the intro. The little distorded lines followed by Zico’s fast and aggressive rap was a perfect fit that you didn’t expect. I loved the rythm he rapped after the first verse. I didn’t like the “breakdown” where Zico goes “You can’t have no Fanxy Child”. I don’t think it fit that well. Besides that the vocals were pretty solid but this song was also a little lackluster
She’s A Baby: 5/5
A different side of Zico, where he showcases his amazing vocals. I loved the layed down instrumental, it fits his voice perfectly. The guitar strings and nothing else was a good choice. It went a bti faster hitting the chorus but it stayed with the guitar only. His rap for the 2nd verse was great. The chorus is pretty catchy. The style totally changed for the end, where he went off rapping with an amazing instrumental.
Overall: 4.1
A pretty solid album, with 3 mayor bops which are nice listening too.
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