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KARD Hola Hola 1st Mini Album Review

Author: Daduda

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Oh NaNa: 4/5
The track’s instrumental is kept the same throughout the whole song without too much variety than the changes for their solo parts and the switch up to the chorus. It sounds very tropical and is nice to listen to. The line mixing between Somin & Jiwoo felt very fair and both got to show the different sides of their vocals. We also get introduced to BM’s rap at the beginning which flows well intro the pre-chorus. The drop with the repeated Oh NaNa harmonies sounds nice. They throw us right back with Somin’s vocals for the 2nd verse. You can hear how different J.Seph goes into his rap. I don’t like Youngji’s breakdown. I don’t think her voice fit and it would’ve been better for Somin to do the high notes. More harmonies between the male and female voices which sound really nice for an ending.
Don’t Recall: 5/5
The best pre-debut track, no question. The instrumental this time, a bit more serious and deeper which reflects on the lyrics. Jiwoo’s starting part is awesome. It fit her voice so well and it’s probably also my favorite part of the song. The instrumental having a similar structure to “Oh NaNa”, having them sing a pre-chorus before the drop. More harmonies at the end. I kinda wish they have used the little extra bits for the instrumental they used for Jiwoo’s part at the beginning would’ve given it more depth (ex. 0:20). J.Seph’s rap is pretty amazing. I love how he makes it flow really easily.
Rumor: 2.75/5
The song is probably the most relaxing song. It is pretty laid back for the verses. The instrumental for this one also has the same structure as the previous two tracks. Singing a pre-chrous before the drop, umping right into the 2nd verse after the drop etc. . It was a stylistic choice, but I wasn’t approving of J.Seph’s auto tuned vocals. He has a nice tone which got drowned out by it. I don’t know why but the song changed the mood for me in Jiwoo’s part, it just sounded kinda different than the rest of the song. It definitely was missing some high notes from Somin. A radio version of the song proved that there were actually high notes during the last part but why the producers didn’t decide to use them is beyond me.
Hola Hola: 3.5/5
Finally a different structure for their debut song. They jumped into the drop immediately after the build-up from Jiwoo ended. The first verse was pretty laid back which was supported by Somin’s nice floweing vocals. BM’s rap took the pace a bit up which led us into the builld up for the drop which kept the same pace as BM’s rap. It’s pretty unusual but it was well used for this song. They could’ve used a bit more of a variety for the drop, it felt kinda repetitive. Who would’ve guessed that Jiwoo will rap. Her rap or simple speaking, for some sounded really great and gave the song a bit of variety through the more “hip-hop” instrumental. J.Seph’s rap was mixed well with the tropical instrumental, his flow also gave off the vibe. They extended the drop for too long before the bridge, the bridge with the higher register vocals from Somin & Jiwoo with the male harmonies sounded great. And the mix up of the last drop gave the whole song a nice ending.
I Won’t Stop: 5/5
The song focuses more on the vocals than the rap. The line mixing between Jiwoo & Somin fit well with the more EDM sounding instrumental. While it might be a grower I think this track might be the hidden gem of the mini album. The build up for the chorus was amazing. It gave off a whole different vibe compared to the verse and chorus. The drop was mixed in well. The rap from J.Seph was fast paced compared to BM’s which felt a bit more laid back. Sadly both ended on a short note although they fit the instrumental very well. The last 1:30 minute repeat what it did before the rap parts but it wasn’t repetitive at all. Might be because it was only used twice in the whole song instead of 3-4 times like in their previous tracks.
Living Good: 5/5
In contrast to “I Won’t Stop” this is definitely more of BM’s and J.Seph’s song since it’s also written by themselves therefore more feelings can be brought up in the raps. The rap’s were really nice with the more laid back, easy tropical instrumental. Somin & Jiwoo brought the song a different feel with their vocals. Somin brought a bit more of a “lighter” feeling while Jiwoo brought more of a serious note to it. J.Seph sounded very emotional during his part, but that just might be me.
The ending part was so cute. With each of them having a little message. Having the fans scream “Living Good!” every time was a great mix into the parts they each took.
Overall: 4.2
The album was a great addition to my summer playlist. Every song while having the same structure being unique with the different feeling and vibe each song portrays.
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Winner 2014 S/S Album Review

Author: Daduda

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Empty: 5/5
What a lovely song! I loved the little filtered voice intro. The rap was really great in the beginning and especially the Vocals were amazing. They have such special voice colors it’s nice to listen to them. The intstrumental was kept pretty simple with a basic clap rythm going throughout the song. The part after the 2nd chorus with the high notes was a great change up with the little slower part right after.
Color Ring: 3.5/5
Love the guitar instrumental. The harmonization with the deep and high voice was amazing. I found that the vocals didnt really fit with the simple guitar instrumental but the rap was great. I loved the rap parts more. The vocals for the build up were good too. The end got much richer with the adlibs and the exchange in lines with a much more active instrumental.
Don’t Flirt: 5/5
So groovy! This is such a bop. The reggaeish instrumental is awesome. The rap is perfect. It sounds really great and fitting with the rythm. The build up and the chorus are so catchy. The instrumental is also kept pretty simple but it’s just with such a good rythm and beat that it doesn’t feel like it. The callping breakdown at the end with the nice vocals was great. The ending “dadada” gave it a great caribbean vibe.
I’m Him: 4/5
Rap is starting off the song again and it sounds very good! Loved the instrumental for the build up and how they played with the pace of the lyrics from verse to build up. This has more of a hip hop vibe which is amazing. The rap was really great throughout the song.
Love Is A Lie: 4.5/5
This song is so good! The intro is already amazing with the adlibs and keyboard instrumental followed by some nice vocals and a rap for the longer verse. Chorus is catchy with a great “old school” feeling instrumental. It was a bit annoying tho. The vocal verse followed by a rap verse is a perfect match. The bridge before the last chorus sounded nice.
Confession: 4/5
I normally don’t like slow ballads too much but this one sounded really nice. The piano instrumental supported by the light vocals and little high notes for the build up were great. The chorus took the pace up a bit which was followed by a slow verse again. They play good with their range and harmonies. High notes near the end were awesome.
But: 3.5/5
This kind of had a lullaby vibe to it. The instrumental were guitar strings which got extended with a drum beat. It took up the pace when the rap verse hit. The chorus sounded really nice but was a bit lackluster. The verses were amazing, they had a great laid back sound. They played with some harmonies again which sounded very nice.
Different: 3.5/5
The beginning rap was awesome. The instrumental gave me some old school vibes. The rythm was pretty laid back but after the short break before the chorus it took up the pace. The chorus sounded really nice. Their vocals mixed well with each other. It’s a bit repetitive because the instrumental didn’t change up besides the verses and chorus, it was always the same with little changes.
Tonight: 3/5
The song is really nice listening too. It’s also laid back and the chorus takes the pace up again.
It kinda got boring listening to the song tho. Even if it sounded different too the other songs it felt kinda repetitive
Smile Again: 4/5
The song had a very different feel than the other songs. It sounded more upbeat and had more depth. They definitely played more with their range and pitch throughout the song. I liked the instrumental, the synth in the chorus was used great. The chorus is pretty catchy.
Overall: 4
A pretty solid album with some nice bops. Some songs sounded too repetitive for me.
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Zico – Television Album Review

Author: Daduda

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Behind The Scenes: 3.5/5
This is very groovy. Zico has a special voice which showcases the best while rapping. And he does it good. The lyrics just fit to the beat and the way he raps it with playing with little high and deep notes, going faster or slower. He has great technique. The chorus is pretty catchy. The instrumental has been kept pretty similar throughout the song though towards the end they changed it up a bit. The song was a bit lackluster overall.
Artist: 4/5
So I have to say that the “we ahh” is kind of annoying. Besides this, the song is also very groovy. I loved the instrumental in this one, it definitely sounded pretty old school especially shortly before the chorus with the xylophone noises. The chorus instrumental had a whole different style than the verse which was amazing listening. I love Zico’s singing voice, it’s very unique. Again he plays with going faster despite the instrumental not changing its pace. I liked how the instrumental changed to water drops and claps towards the end, kept it somewhat minimalistic.
Anti: 5/5
G.Soul has an amazing voice. Glad he featured for this track, he brought something special to it. The instrumental is kept pretty simple with some drum beats and a steady bass line. Zico’s rap again is great listening too because he just has this flow that goes well with every rap he does. G.Soul bringing life to the chorus is awesome. It sounded great especially with the instrumental that got a bit more experimented with.
The silent breakdown after the 2nd chorus was a nice change and then suddenly the different instrumental with Zico going a bit more aggressive with it is an awesome change. G.Soul ending the song was a good decision.
Fanxy Child: 3/5
I loved the intro. The little distorded lines followed by Zico’s fast and aggressive rap was a perfect fit that you didn’t expect. I loved the rythm he rapped after the first verse. I didn’t like the “breakdown” where Zico goes “You can’t have no Fanxy Child”. I don’t think it fit that well. Besides that the vocals were pretty solid but this song was also a little lackluster
She’s A Baby: 5/5
A different side of Zico, where he showcases his amazing vocals. I loved the layed down instrumental, it fits his voice perfectly. The guitar strings and nothing else was a good choice. It went a bti faster hitting the chorus but it stayed with the guitar only. His rap for the 2nd verse was great. The chorus is pretty catchy. The style totally changed for the end, where he went off rapping with an amazing instrumental.
Overall: 4.1
A pretty solid album, with 3 mayor bops which are nice listening too.
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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#25-1)







25: Eunsol – Bambino

eunsol bambino photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: This Bambino member I 100% stand behind being in the top 25…she has one of the best smiles in the industry but above that shes super hot and there is no stopping here…don’t be surprised if she is higher on next years list.

Chu: Would any other kpop list of anything have Bambino this high? Probably not, but this is a fair ranking.

24: Woohee – Dal Shabet

Photo by asianjunkie

Pa: If there is anyone on this list I would legit marry it would be her…I can’t point out any flaws…shes the best…for those of you that don’t know, look up the Someone Like You video by Dal Shabet if you want to see all of them in the best light, good showing for the group though.

Chu: If anyone has a problem with this ranking, just know Smooth loves him some Woohee.

23: Hyomin – T-Ara

hyomin photo
Photo by Venus Ha

Pa: Another hot girl with a nice body? Yep this list is heating up…if you don’t like any girl in the top 25 then you gay…just admit it…you gay fam…btw this is only the 3rd hottest girl in t-ara and shes number 23 on the list smh.

Chu: LOL

22: Tzuyu – Twice

tzuyu photo
Photo by 劉洽裕Parry liu

Pa: Everyone knows that next year we are putting her in the top 10 so let’s just enjoy her at number 22 right now.

Chu: Agreed.

21: Yujeong – Brave Girls

Photo by Stardailynews

Pa: When people call you baby Naeun you know you are doing something right…a finish at number 21 in her first year in the business? Damn…unfortunately the group seems to be going through some issues so hopefully they continue cuz she can’t sing well enough for a solo career.

20: Eunjung – T-Ara

eunjung photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: Short hair, long hair, black hair, red hair, 2011, 2016, drama, music it doesn’t matter when or how you see her this girl is constant fire, probably the only one in the business that can switch the style up and if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up.

Chu: Yoon Baek Hee is fire.

19: Lee Hyori

lee hyori photo
Photo by SyNyght

Pa: The queen of kpop, she’s the one that started it all and still finds herself in the top 20 after 15 years…that is truly impressive, all hail the queen.

Chu: Respect.

18: Nari – Wassup

Photo by dkpopnews

Pa: One of the better dancers on this list Nari comes in at number 18…hot spunky with a whole lot of attitude there is nothing she can’t do…I don’t know why i like her so much, maybe its because she looks exactly like a girl i used to date idk.

Chu: If she looks like a girl you used to date, ya dun goofed.

17: Nara – Hellovenus

nara hello venus photo
Photo by hallohallyu

Pa: If they call you baby Jiyeon you are doing something right but this Jiyeon is packing a huge punch!

16: Yuri – SNSD

yuri snsd photo
Photo by Che7223

Pa: Sweet Yuri, finally some respek put on a Girls Generation member…hats off to them for making it this high on the list…will it ever happen again? Probably not but let’s give them the respect they deserve.

Chu: Yuri is really really hot in case you forgot.

15: Kyungli – 9muses

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: The lead singer of 9muses finds her way into the top 15…I’m not sure but she might be the highest rated lead singer on this list…anywho for her its all about the eyes…she has those f’ me right here right now eyes.

Chu: True real.  I’m surprised 9muses isn’t more famous just because of her.

14: Jieun – Secret

Photo by amimoapps

Pa: Pictures do not do this girl justice for how hot she is…just watch the videos…secret might be the most underrated hot group of all time…unfortunately they cannot find a hit song to catapult them into stardom.

Chu: Again, agreed.  Incredibly hot.  If she really does have a thing for Kwangsoo, dude is messing up by not hitting her up.

Ra: Damn.

13: Hong Jin Young

hong jin young photo
Photo by maugen@rocketmail.com1

Pa: One of the oldest members on our list is actually one of the hottest as well…if you don’t know anything about Hong Jin Young, look her up you won’t be disappointed…watch all of her episodes on running man and say to me with a straight face that you aren’t in love after….you can’t.

Ra: IDK about Hong Jin Young guys. I’ve seen hotter girls before her on the list.

Chu: She’s a flirt.  That may have influenced her ranking.

12: Jei – Fiestar

jei fiestar photo
Photo by HQ ♥

Pa: Actually Jei is the hottest lead singer on this list hahah I don’t even care if anyone else is ranked higher than this…boy oh boy not even sure what to say at this point…any of us would be lucky to even go on one single date with a any of these girls.

11: Yooyoung – Hellovenus

Photo by studio-g

Pa: So I’m just gonna say that compared to her standards, she looks bad in the picture above…you do the math.

Chu: Her in the Wiggle Wiggle dance practice video.  Bruh.  We talkin bout PRACTICE.

10: NS Yoon G

Photo by asianjunkie

Pa: Probably the best body in kpop NS Yoon G hasn’t been releasing records as of late….you want to know what she has been focused on recently? Playing basketball, she consistently posts videos of her shooting around at a gym and she even was on of the commentators on the NBA All Star for Korean TV….if she was still active in the music game she might have been number 1.

Chu: She’s a Kobe/Lakers fan so she has good taste.  Speaks English fluently.  Just really hot so I’ll contribute more pics.

Photo by ajunews

Photo by koreaboo

Photo by ns_yoong96

Ra: Great pic. Nice skin tone.

9: Jennie – Blackpink

blackpink jennie photo
Photo by Nicky Martinez

Pa: I know its going to make a lot of people sad that she isn’t number one but first year on the list and she makes top 10? That’s not too bad of a finish…she will have time to reach the upper levels but for now shes just not there yet.

Ra: What happened here.


Photo by aminoapps

Photo by koreaboo

Ra: What happened.

Chu:  Jennie is like Lebron entering the league.  Everyone knows she’s going to be one of the greatest. Hopefully that’s where the comparisons stop, but no doubting the potential.  Best duo for years to come.

Photo by blackpinkofficial

8: Jiyeon – T-Ara

Photo by allkpop

Pa: This is the reason why I even listen to kpop…she’s my first my last my everything….there are no words for me to express how much her and the rest of T-Ara have changed my life and shes still only 23.


Photo by yellowslugreviews

jiyeon photo

Photo by ztothek89

7: Suzy – Miss A

suzy miss a photo
Photo by dinhthihao575

Pa: Suzy is top class all the way, she is the face of korea for a reason and there is no disrespect on this list…the committee likes the package that she brings but when it comes to overall hotness the committee wants to see more of her, your girl group cant take 3 years off and you expect to be number one.

Cab:  How are there 6 goddamn women better than the GOAT? These next spots better just be blank spaces.

Chu: Hahaha

Cab: Suzy is The Rock.  She can take a decade off and come back to challenge for the STRAP.

6: Nana – After School

Photo by soompi

Pa: Probably not fair to add to this list since she is a legit model for the most part, it’s hard to argue with her beauty…she was just given all of God’s gifts and happens to be in a girl group as well.

Cab:  I’ve never seen her before. But damn.

Chu: You may prefer this to the top 5.  I can say one of them probably wouldn’t make any other kpop top 5 list.

Pa:  Yeah ya’ll might be disappointed by one of them in top 5, but just know it came from a good place.

Cab: You guys are good people.  Type of dudes to be coaching a basketball team, let the worst kid in and let him start chucking.

Chu: She’s fire. Just little known.

Cab: Oh lord.

Ra: Oh gawd. Doesn’t sound good. If Suzy or Jennie are hotter than her then like…what happened here.

Cab: Chu and Pa must’ve invested financially in this girl.  Like this whole list has been some scumbag promotional/marketing technique.  These dudes are slanging the girl’s mixtape and shit.  Giving us free download codes for her mixtape. Talking about “use these codes to download her shit on Napster.”

Lock:  Two things: 1. My favorite all-female kpop group is T-Ara but I don’t think Jiyeon is Top 10 worthy 2. Jisoo is the hottest member of Blackpink.

Ra: Dude not again. Jisoo is not the hottest.

Cab: Thank you, Lock. Always been my dude.  The truth shall set you free.

Pa: This guy.

5: Dahye – Bestie

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: The one you’ve never heard of, Chu’s favorite girl…she came out of nowhere but boy does she bring it…shes got the body, shes got the face there is nothing she cant do…she even raps….what more is there to say besides welcome to the top 5.

Chu: Posting more Dahye pics.

Photo by cadywitchbitch

Photo by wallofkoreangirls

Photo by smilewa

4: Yura – Girls Day

yura girls day photo
Photo by pjasonjack
yura girls day photo
Photo by bbsf010396
yura girls day photo
Photo by blu3sky89

Pa: Another rapper in the top 5, Yura charms us with her cuteness but don’t let that fool you, she is a vixen and everyone knows…she is gets slept on a lot when people talk about the hottest in kpop but she is for sure one of them….watch any Girls Day video.

3: Seolhyun – AoA

Photo by onehallyu

Photo by allkpop

Photo by aminoapps

Photo by ottokworld

Pa: I thought long and hard about this one but the new face of Korea is number 3 on this list. She’s got the body and the personality to win over the hearts of everyone and will most likely end up at number 1 in the near future but for now she must settle as a top 3 player.

2: Naeun – Apink

naeun photo
Photo by aditmat
naeun photo
Photo by SNVHE
naeun photo
Photo by SNVHE

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: Another tough choice but Naeun falls nicely into the number 2 slot here…the only thing we ask of Naeun is that she step up her sexiness level, if she even attempts to be sexy the world just may stop.

Chu: Blonde Naeun is the best Naeun. Super Saiyan status.  More pics.

Photo by onehallyu

1: Bora – Sistar

yoon bora photo
Photo by kpopmken

Photo by marinakpop

Photo by dkpopnews

Photo by dkpopnews

Pa: The queen! The reason why we are all here! The first true love! All hail Queen Bora who keeps it going despite multiple years in the game, here’s to at least 5 more strong years! That concludes our list folks.

Chu: Can’t complain at all.

Ra: I knew Bora was going to take number 1. I’m liking Naeun at 2. She really is super hot.

Pa: Naeun is fire.

Ra: Good shit brothers. List was great. Entertaining. Eye opening. Swag.

Chu:  Greatest literary piece of the last 20 years.

Cab:  Saw number 1 coming from a mile away. Can’t argue though.

Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the list! Leave a comment below.







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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#50-26)







50: IU

iu photo
Photo by

Pa: The nations little sister is not so little anymore, unfortunately some of our panelists did not see that…IU is going to be around for a while so she still has time to get into that top 25.

Cab: The fuck?

49: Eunseo – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: See next.

48: Luda – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: See next.

47: Bona – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: The Cosmic Girls are fire I don’t know how many other ways I can put this…..see 2 from now.

46: Solar – Mamamoo

solar mamamoo photo
Photo by Nicky Martinez

Pa: Oh I love Solar….I love her so much….it pains me that she is this low but damn fam too good all the way.

Ra: Lmao. Damn. She’s fire geez.

45: Exy – Cosmic Girls

Photo by GaveMeEveryday

Pa: When you are the leader of the Cosmic Girls and you are a rapper and participated in Unpretty Rapstar…you get bumped pretty damn high on this list.

Chu: Yeah Solar should be higher than her.

44: Minyoung – Brave Girls

Photo by  yellowslugreviews

Pa: To fully appreciate the Brave Girls just watch their music video Deepened- it will tell you all you need to know.

43: Jeonyul – Stellar

Photo by koreaboo

Pa: She can sing and she’s cute? What more could you want? Oh you want another video like Vibrato? I agree.

Chu: Those are some stellar cheeks.

42: Doyeon – IOI

doyeon photo
Photo by luearn

Pa: Honestly she shouldn’t be a singer, she should be a model…don’t look at photos of her around any female you may hope to keep in your life.

41: Taeyeon – SNSD

taeyeon photo
Photo by SNSD_Photo

Pa: The queen stays queen…you are the leader of the greatest girl group ever? Automatically puts you top 50 and your looks boost you a little higher.

40: D.ana – Sonamoo

d ana sonamoo photo
Photo by mcflyermelly

Pa: Still got a little baby fat? Yes….but that isn’t stopping her from making the top 40…and the fact that she walks around rocking the purple hair? my god give her the crown in a few years it’s over.

Chu: Purple, blonde, whatever. She’s hot.

39: Baby Soul – Lovelyz

Photo by allkpop

Pa: I think Chu put it best so I’m just going to write what he said: before i even looked at her i thought to myself if you call yourself baby soul you gotta be fire…..why yes Chu, she is.

38: Hyuna

hyuna photo
Photo by – Mèo

Pa: Former Wonder Girl, former 4minute girl Hyuna graces our list at number 38. If this was a list of who you’d want to see in your bed at night she’d be number one but unfortunately this is the end of the line for her here.

Ra: Flames.

37: Mijoo – Lovelyz

mijoo lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: Finally, the last member of Lovelyz…they managed to grab spots at number 39 and number 37, not bad for a young group with time to grow….expect to see all 8 of them on this list again next year.

36: Hyosung – Secret

hyosung secret photo
Photo by phamnhatduy1993

Pa: So I don’t know what to say about her…is it a tragedy she is this low? yes….is she STACKED? yes….can you look at pictures of her all day? Yes…..yes yes yes! Now cut to the DB theme music.

35: Krystal – f(x)

krystal fx photo
Photo by jowg1

Pa: I added Krystal to this list because 1. she’s hot and deserves some respect for both her acting and singing and 2. I miscounted the list and was short by 1 person so welcome to the list Krystal way to be top 35.

Chu: I had no say in this, but I have no qualms either.

34: Jessica

jessica jung photo
Photo by joandevils

Pa: Older sister Jessica isn’t going down without a fight…she’s still making music and although she’s not with Girls Generation anymore she still looks good doing it.

33: Yuna – AoA

Photo by topofthekpops

Pa: Chu do you want to write this one?  Yuna has been slowly improving year by year but shes just hasn’t been at a top level long enough to crack the top 30…but here’s to hoping she continues her climb.

Chu:  Yuna. Most underrated, never duplicated. Queen waifu.   Changes her hair every couple of months and I fuck with every one.

Photo by allkpop

Photo by naver

Photo by yn_s_1230

Photo by yn_s_1230

Ra: lol

Cab: Pictures are great.

32: Gayoung – Stellar

gayoung stellar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: By far the least stacked in the group but I don’t think anyone even notices when they watch Stellar’s videos….they are just wondering how they can make her their gf.

31: Fei – Miss A

Photo by elle

Pa: I know you all forgot Miss A was even on this list…well allow me to reintroduce them, this is Fei, the only Chinese member left in the group but that’s not stopping her, she continues to kill it.

30: Sowon – GFriend

sowon gfriend photo
Photo by Jay Yerim

Pa: This girl is fire…while she does absolutely nothing for the group…she brings the heat! She looks kinda awkward on stage with her long legs but once she grows into her body she will easily be top 25.

29: Linzy – Fiestar

Photo by allkpop

Pa: Linzy does slightly more with her group but is still mostly there for looks. Like Sowon she does not always fit in with the rest of the group but look for her to remain solid over the years.

28: Minhee – Bambino

Photo by allaboutkpopgirlgroups

Pa: This one I don’t really agree with BUT if you look at body alone…she’s a top 5 player on this list so I can’t complain about this ranking, keep doing your thang Bambino.

27: Uji – Bestie

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: You talk about talent vocals and looks, this girl has it all! Now if only she’d invest in that boob job she might be able to push herself up to the top 10 lol jk natural is okay too.

Chu: Yo that Whitney Houston cover though.

26: Irene – Red Velvet

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: I know everyone says they all look alike but there is clearly one that looks wayyyy better than the rest and that is Irene…until i did a deep dive in the group I couldn’t tell her apart from Seulgi or Yeri but now? Damn fam too good.

Chu: Agreed.  I like the wacky Red Velvet videos, but it makes it hard to differentiate.  Then you pay more attention and realize Irene is super hot fire.







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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#75-51)







75: Yeri – Red Velvet

yeri red velvet photo
Photo by redvelvetgallery

Pa: They say they all look the same….well if they all look this good then damnit whomever put this group together did a damn good job.

74: Jisoo – Lovelyz

jisoo lovelyz photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Had you guys scared huh? You thought it was the other Jisoo…not yet… another member of Lovelyz in the top 100 and they still have 2-3 members left to be placed…damn that’s fuego.

73: Jisoo – Blackpink

jisoo blackpink photo
Photo by danilaufa

Pa: Now let’s here all of your hate as the 3rd cutest member in Blackpink ends up at number 73….don’t get me wrong she has potential, but when you see the rest of this list you will know she never had a chance.

Cab: Whelp. Pack it up.

Chu: I respect your work, but this might compromise the legitimacy of the entire list.  Jisoo is top tier waifu material.

72: Subin – Dal Shabet

subin dal shabet photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Probably the tallest girl on this list at 5’10″ Subin may be willing to date black guys…who knows?

71: Sana – Twice

sana twice photo
Photo by SynSalas

Pa: Foreign line coming through strong for Twice as all of their non Korean members keep the group afloat…expect big things from this one especially.

Ra: Was Dahyun called already?

Pa: Yeah.

70: Chahee – Melody Day

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Chahee is fuego! The only thing more fuego is when she has her pink hair, be on the lookout if this group ever takes off she will be on all of the front pages.

Chu: Can confirm. The pink hair does it.

Ra: Damn. Chahee. Sheesh.  Damn. These girls are all fire.

69: Minhee – Stellar

minhee stellar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: I tried to find the least sexiest picture of her on the internet and this is what i came up with…this girl is stacked and she wants it, just watch the videos.

68: Sejeong – IOI/Gugudan

sejeong photo
Photo by maimai84

Pa: Chu’s favorite makes the list at number 68. She may not be the cutest we’ve seen so far but she more than makes up for it with her personality, check her out on variety shows.

Chu: Waka flocka flames.  Sejeong is a real one.  Smile too cute for words.

67: Woojoo – Wassup

Photo by wassup-switch

Pa: I think these girls rank higher due to the Jordan effect. These girls can always be seen wearing a pair of Js and Supreme clothing…and for that we salute them.

66: Yeoreum – Cosmic Girls

yeoreum photo
Photo by mareenabinsuava

Pa: I don’t know how much more i need to reiterate that the Cosmic Girls and Lovelyz are here to top this list for a long time, just be prepared to hear about them a lot more.

65: Hyeri – Girls Day

hyeri girls day photo
Photo by dumoclan

Pa: The debate will always be whether or not she should have gone with short hair and if that changed her career arc…well placing number 65 on this talented list means you must be doing something right so shout out to her.

64: Yein – Melody Day

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Personal opinion is that Chahee is the hottest one in this group but it’s hard to argue with the talent of Yein…two girls in the top 70? not a bad showing for the little known Melody Day.

Chu: Tough call, but they’re both really really attractive.

63: Yein – Lovelyz

yein lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: A little on the young side, this Yein has tons of potential and room to grow. She already has top 5 legs in the business, she just needs the rest to catch up and she may one day end up top 25.

Chu: 2 Yeins, that’s cool.

62: Jinju – Wassup

Photo by sumimaro

Pa: Jinju may not always have it but she is willing to experiment to try and find it and for that we respect her. This may also be her last time on the list so let her get her shine on.

61: Eunji – Brave Girls

Photo by yellowslugreviews

Pa: If you’ve never watched this girl do the splits then you are missing out on greatness, she also shows a lot of cleavage which puts her high on our list.

Chu: She’s cute, but I admit Apink Eunji should’ve been the highest Eunji.  My bad.

60: Jeonghwa -EXID

junghwa exid photo
Photo by Only Ũ

Pa: She never gets the respect she deserves in the group but she has slowly and steadily been moving towards the forefront and has almost cemented herself as the hottest individual in the group…almost.

59: Sumin – Sonamoo

sumin sonamoo photo
Photo by pmrowla

Pa: This girl is perky from head to toe and that’s all i will say about this for now.

58: Rose – Blackpink

rose blackpink photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: One of the most controversial names on this list, Rose could not quite make the top 50 but she came close, expect her rise to continue….keep playing with fire girl.

Chu: I like Rose, but this should’ve been Jisoo, at the very least.

57: Ailee

ailee photo
Photo by brianpark1

Pa: Our first solo artist on the list, ailee combines power vocals with power looks…also the nude pics…google them.

56: Hani – EXID

hani exid photo
Photo by Only Ũ

Pa: Don’t care what anyone says, Hani is still the hottest girl in this group…she should have been higher but there was some controversial voting…either way a top 56 finish isn’t too bad.

Chu: It’s not that I don’t like Hani, but the short hair look was not a good look.

55: Sojin – Girls Day

sojin girls day photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: My ride or die Sojin places number 55 on the list by coincidence…she deserves higher but unfortunately she is just too old at this point to be a real threat to the top spots but she is still looking good.

Chu: Fine like wine, call her Vino.  Better with age.

54: Alice – Hellovenus

alice hello venus photo
Photo by SynSalas

Pa: Another strong vocals run with the lead singer of Hellovenus making the list…Alice has come a long way since her debut and we’ve noticed the progress and rewarded it…keep up the good work.

53: Hadam – Bambino

hadam bambino photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: When stripping meets kpop this is what you get….and we aren’t complaining! Keep up the good work.

52: Hayun – Brave Girls

Photo by yellowslugreviews

Pa: This girl’s hips do not lie, i had to choose a picture of her sitting down so that people would not get too excited.

51: Ellin – Crayon Pop

Photo by nopopnolife

Pa: When you think of Crayon Pop you don’t think of hot but go follow her on instagram and see if that doesn’t change your life.

Chu: Whoever came up with their concept is not doing them justice.







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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#100-76)

Ya’ll ready for the top 100?

Go head then.







100: Chen Xiao – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: There they go again!! This is the girl single handedly responsible for knocking off Seulgi, Bomi, Chorong etc etc…meet Cheng Xiao, get to know that name because she is a hitman.

99: Seoyoung – Hellovenus

Photo by GenerAsia

Pa: H-E-L-L-O Venus welcome to the top 100. Expect to see a lot more members in the top 100 but this is only the beginning…5’5″ with brown eyes, can’t get much better than that.

98: Cao Lu – Fiestar

cao lu fiestar photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: Only 3 picks into the top 100 and already 2 Chinese members. Are the Chinese starting to take over K-Pop? Stay tuned.

97: Sunhwa – Secret

sunhwa secret photo
Photo by ngoc ngoc 77

Pa: She left the group this year but she still makes our list…even when she’s not part of the group she’s still putting up stats…damn.

96: Moonbyul – Mamamoo

Photo by Tumblr

Pa: You may be thinking to yourself “I thought Mamamoo was all Solar” and you would be wrong, introduce yourself to Moonbyul…the least talked about member of the group. Hopefully after making the top 100 of this list people will start putting some respek on her name.

Chu:  Moonbyul looks really hot in that pic.

Ra: Hot.

95: Minah – Girls Day

minah girls day photo
Photo by doiphudu2303

Pa: She barely made it into the top 100, Minah is going to need to rely on more than her vocals if she wants to stay here for years to come.

Chu: Pa is trippin.  Minah’s a cutie.

94: Sujeong – Lovelyz

sujeong lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: I told you Lovelyz was killing it right? Just another member to add to the list.

93: Lizzy – After School

lizzy after school photo
Photo by onewshawols_4ever

Pa: The first regular female contestant of Running Man makes our list not only for her incredible looks but also her personality.

92: Woori – Rainbow

woori rainbow photo
Photo by Altairhhh

Pa: One of the older members on our list, at age 28 Woori has still got it…probably would be the best person to actually date on this list if one of us was to date her but unfortunately this will be the last time on this list as her group disbanded and i don’t see her pursuing a solo rap career…hats off to Woori congrats on making top 100.

91: Pinky/Jieqiong – IOI

pinky ioi photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Another Chinese member on this list? Already 3 in the top 100, the Chinese invasion is happening! but boy oh boy do they bring it.

Chu: Damn the heat. Top 100 don’t fuck around.

Pa: I’m low key scared to say the next 5. Might get murdered in the streets for it.

90: Mina – AoA

mina like a cat aoa photo
Photo by OTP-Love

Pa: Sometimes she looks like a top 25 player, other times she’s got a jaw line like Roy Jones…she’s very inconsistent but she’s at such a high level that it doesn’t matter she can still be top 100…she also holds the record as the girl that came closest to defeating Seolhyun in a video (see: Like a Cat).

Deezy: Seems like the millionth Mina on the list, but my favorite one.  Tiny and dorky, but still fire.

89: Momo – Twice

momo twice photo
Photo by pmrowla

Pa: Japan is up in this piece with the famous Twice dancer Momo…Momo famously did not make the final group but JYP made a exception and put her on the squad because he saw so much talent…well JYP we see it too.

88: Uee – After School

uee photo
Photo by 사라1

Pa: One of the faces of After School, she has been one of the fortunate ones to keep her career alive through tv shows…she is also 5’7″-5’8″ so shout out to the tall women.

87: Hyorin – Sistar

hyorin photo
Photo by MrVarley

Pa: S-i-s-ttt-a wait hold up…what is she doing this far down? Did something happen? Well it did, Hyolyn has officially become the least attractive member of Sistar…yes you heard it here first.

86: Soyul – Crayon Pop

soyul crayon pop photo
Photo by warablo

Pa: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl look this good with front bangs…that alone gets her into the top 100 but add in a cute face, skinny body and some vocals and you find yourself at 86.

Chu: My kpop Yukiko (Persona 4).

Cab: Was Yukiko the side piece?

Chu: Nah Yukiko was the main. Rise was the side.

Ra: Yo what up Momo.

Cab: Yeah Rise was too clingy.

85: Xuan Yi – Cosmic Girls

xuan yi wjsn photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Honestly this is the Cosmic Girls world and we just live in it…these girls are young and on fire, I don’t see them slowing down any time soon.

84: Kei – Lovelyz

kei lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: This girl is great…there’s not much more i can say but she is a rising star…shout out.

83: Soyou – Sistar

Photo by MengJiaBiased

Pa: I picked a picture with a surprised look on her face for 3 reasons: 1) she beat out Hyolyn 2) she lost to Dasom 3) she is shocked that she’s not top 50 after her workout transformation.

82: Eunji – Apink

Photo by AsianCelebrityUpdate

Pa: The most lovable member of the group finds herself getting no love on this list…she is easily top 100 but she finds herself not getting top 50 respect…if this were vocals she’d get top 10 for sure.

Ra: I disagree.

Cab: 82? Oh dear God.

81: Seohyun – SNSD

seohyun photo
Photo by SNSD_Photo

Pa: Will any of the girls generation members make top 50? IDK it’s looking pretty bleak for the most popular group in the nation.

80: Jiwon – Spica

Photo by Topofthekpops

Pa: Former T-Ara member and stacked human being Jiwon finds herself at number 80, not a bad showing from the girls of Spica but they are officially out.

Chu: Pour one out.

79: Hyemi – 9muses

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: They may not have their full group anymore but the are sure fighting hard to make a name for themselves on this list…respect the process.

78: Dasom: Sistar

dasom photo
Photo by Acilegna Morales

Pa: The new face of Sistar? Oh wait there is still one more left but still, the new number 2 of Sistar? Who would have predicted that 2-3 years ago?

Chu: Hard work and dedication pays off.

77: Yoona – SNSD

yoona girls generation photo

Pa: She acts, she sings, what more do you want from her? She’s been in the business for a long time but is still placing top 80…amazing.

76: Jaekyung – Rainbow

jaekyung rainbow photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: The leader, the face, the singer of Rainbow is the last member of the group to grace this list. Let us take a moment to pay our respects to a great girl group and wish them the best of luck in their lives…it doesn’t seem like any of them will be returning to the music industry so cheers to them on successful careers.







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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#125-101)

WE BACK.  Let’s continue the list as we approach the top 100 of some of the finest women on the planet.







125: Dawon – Cosmic Girls

Photo by onehallyu

Pa: The battle heats up between these rookie girl groups…I don’t know anything about them really but i know they are fighting for that number 1 spot…the only thing i know about cosmic girls is that they were each assigned a zodiac sign to represent and Dawon represents aries.

Chu: Knowledge.

124: Mina – Gugudan

mina gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: Controversy alert! As a member of IOI she was overshadowed but as a member of gugudan she vaults herself up the list to number 124…yes you can be on the list twice if you are in two groups.

123: Tiffany – SNSD

tiffany girls generation photo
Photo by myidol2

Pa: Oh no when you start throwing names like Tiffany around you know you must be approaching something great on the list…Tiffany is the warning shot that this battle is going to heat up.

Chu: Damn. Tiffany at 123.  If we put this list out, people might kill us.

122: Haeryung – Bestie

haeryung photo
Photo by kpopcams

Pa: Uh oh another girl from Bestie on this list outside the top 100…a dark horse, this group was supposed to have it all…can their last two members save the day for them?

121: E-Young – After School

e-young photo
Photo by BaNanana2

Pa: Shout out to the After School girls making this list even though they’ve been on hiatus for 3 years…little known fact about E-Young, she plays the cello, guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and flute all at a fairly high level.

120: Sooyoung -SNSD

sooyoung photo

Pa: Two Girls Generation members outside of the top 100? both of them not getting the respect to at least make the top 100? damn this list is cold.

119: Soobin – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: The main vocalist of Cosmic Girls Soobin represents the sign Virgo.

118: Soyee – Gugudan

soyee gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: Whenever Gugudan sees Cosmic Girls on the list they gotta fire right back with one of their own, so bam top that! only question is….are they running out of members to throw up there?

117: Seulgi – Red Velvet

seulgi photo
Photo by lingglugg

Pa: Woah woah another Red Velvet member outside the top 100? what is happening today? this list is getting insane! They said some heavy hitters would fall today and it is happening.

116: Mei Qi – Cosmic Girls

Photo by KPopMap

Pa: Who are these Cosmic Girls? Why are they pushing people out of the top 100? i guess we will find out, stay tuned…Mei Qi represents libra btw.

Cab: I’m respecting these picks.

Ra: Idk a lot of these, but they all look pretty hot.  Seulgi should be higher, but I’m OK with it.

Cab: Boram hurt me pretty bad I’m not gonna lie. I stared outside the window for a bit.

Pa: The next 15 is gonna be brutal. I apologize in advance.

115: Yezi – Fiestar

yezi fiestar photo
Photo by peanadbutt

Pa: Yezi Yezi Yezi she brings that hot fire but is dumb as rocks, but you don’t have to be smart when you look like that.

114: SinB – GFriend

sinb photo
Photo by Enzer’s World

Pa: My favorite girl of the group, she is the lifeblood of GFriend and has a chance to be the hottest member with a little bit of dedication.

113: Kaeun – After School

kaeun photo
Photo by Ashachu

Pa: The bad girl of After School, she was just coming up when they went on hiatus so her talent was never seen…little known fact, she now is a dj while waiting for after school to return.

112: Mina – Twice

mina twice photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: Mina is probably one of the most important members in Twice as she is part of their foreign line….long live the land of the rising sun.

111: Qri – T-Ara

qri photo
Photo by minheego

Pa: You mention STACKED you mention her name, she’s been in the business for a while now but lord almighty is she improving year by year.

110: Lisa – Blackpink

lisa blackpink photo
Photo by trínghiênphác

Pa: The only member of Blackpink to not make the top 100, Lisa falls just short at 110…Ra is going to probably be upset by this but RESPEK THA LIST.

Cab: Lisa has bars.

109: Sihyun – Spica

juhyun spica photo
Photo by itgscv1

Pa: This is a win for the short hair lovers as she normally has a boy hair cut but she keeps the dream alive for having a girl with boy hair in the top 100.

108: Nahyun – Sonamoo

nahyun sonamoo photo
Photo by mcflyermelly

Pa: Oh you thought Sonamoo had fallen off and they wouldn’t make a comeback on this list? think again as they show off Nahyun…expect her in the top 100 next year.

Ra: Nahyun is hot.

107: Chaeyeon – IOI

chaeyeon ioi photo
Photo by myidol2

Pa: IOI has got the looks and the talent this is just another shining example of that…will she be able to retain her rank after IOI disbands, we shall see. (list is a few months outdated)

106: Wendy – Red Velvet

wendy red velvet photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: The best english speaker on this list, Wendy represents the Canadian Korean population well…her strong vocals are not the only thing where she is top tier…so close to 100.

105: Solji – EXID

solji photo
Photo by EXID Hani ♥

Pa: This must be the power vocals section as we have another lead singer in the group and another girl that can match vocals and looks, welcome to the list Solji.

104: JIN – Lovelyz

jin lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: Another Lovelyz member to grace the list, what can i say that hasn’t already been said… these girls are hot.

103: Chorong – Apink

chorong apink photo
Photo by edreajanaeramos

Pa: So close yet so far for this Apink member…top 100…she almost did it but unfortunately her looks just did not cut it in this difficult list…there is always next year.

Cab: Chorong is top 20 EASY. Ya dun goofed.

102: Sungah – 9muses

sungah 9muses photo
Photo by kpopmken

Pa: 9 muses should change their name to 5 muses as there are only 5 members left but they kept a good one here, unfortunately she was not able to make top 100 and fell just short.

101: Yuna – Brave Girls

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: First runner up is Yuna for the top 100, this is also the first time we’ve seen Brave Girls on this list…expect to see a lot more of them in the top 100.







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3 NAMJAS: K-Pop Hot 150, 2016-2017, Female Edition (#150-126)

Hello.  Who are we?  Just 3 dudes with opinionated views on K-Pop who like to argue with each other over important topics (Who’s the best rapper in Blackpink? Who in TWICE has the best aegyo?).  We thought it’d be fun to make a list of the hottest/prettiest/cutest/most attractive/sexiest/most beautiful/most kawaii K-Pop girls in OUR OPINION.  Not meant to offend or throw shade, but feel free to argue or trash us in the comments because that’s always fun.  Just know that it took weeks, hundreds of google image searches, and much debate amongst our members to rank over 200 female K-Pop stars who (for the most part) have been active from 2016-2017.  I am Chu and my other friend who will do most of the commentating on this list goes by Pa.  I know I said we were only 3 dudes, but we shared this list with our friends so you will get commentary from them as well.  I will clarify who is speaking as we go.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.  In the name of science.

NOTE: Wonder Girls and CLC were not included due to ignorance.  Sorry.  Honest mistake.







150: Hyejeong – AoA

hyejeong photo
Photo by luearn1

Pa: Let the controversy begin, some may argue that she is the 3rd best looking AoA member but she finds herself at number 150 for a reason…she is the cover girl for never being able to lose that baby fat.

149: Soyeon – T-Ara

soyeon t-ara photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: What is going on here? The lead singer of the group T-Ara finds herself as the lowest rank member of the squad, can the rest of the squad bring her up?

148: Boram – T-Ara

boram photo
Photo by ztothek89

Pa: Not so fast! Boram joins her bandmate on this list, while not as talented musically and not as tall we hold a special place in our hearts for Boram and gave her the nod above Soyeon.

Cab: We have our first snub.  I respect the academy, though!

147: Bohyung – Spica

Photo by ohmonatheydidnt

Pa: This Spica member had so much potential but that jaw line….maybe she shaved her jaw a little too much??

146: Jimin – AoA

jimin aoa photo
Photo by

Pa: Personal favorite Jimin finds herself higher than expected on this list…slowly she has been getting hotter and hotter and looking more and more stacked! I’m never getting sick of that puss.

145: Sally – Gugudan

sally gugudan photo
Photo by arttechnician

Pa: How many of these girls are there you may be asking, but that’s the wrong question…the question is how high can this group go and how long will it take for them to realize their potential?

144: Hyemi – Fiestar

hyemi fiestar photo
Photo by jeryjw

Pa: Fiestar, welcome to the list! Hyemi may not be the cutest one in the group but she for sure isn’t ugly…all 5 members in the top 145, not a bad showing for Fiestar.

143: Yoojung – IOI

yoojung photo
Photo by nhiphương

Pa: She’s cute, she’s bubbly and she kills it on the variety shows…look out for this one, she puts in work.

142: Dayoung – Cosmic Girls

dayoung photo
Photo by mareenabinsuava

Pa: 13 members in the group and this is the 12th cutest girl and she is at number 142…scary scary.

Ra: Dayoung is hot.

141: Jisook – Rainbow

jisook rainbow photo
Photo by kpopmken

Pa: A group that is all about staying in shape? A group that is in their late 20s but still looks good? Sign me up, welcome to the list Jisook her first and only appearance as Rainbow disbanded this year.

140: Min – Miss A

min kpop miss a photo
Photo by spockeys

Pa: The feisty one of the group min is the first Miss A member on the list…she is very stacked for a Korean girl almost sometimes to the point where it looks funny so  that’s why she ended up here.

Ra: You were too nice to Min on this list.

139: Somi – IOI

somi photo
Photo by maimai84

Pa: The leader of IOI and another JYP product, Somi finds herself having the best year of her life, not a talented singer but still picked to be the leader of IOI, she finds herself making the top 140 of this list too, congrats Somi keep it up.

Chu: Hope we don’t get arrested for this.

138: Hyunyoung – Rainbow

hyunyoung rainbow photo
Photo by kpopcams

The queen of K-Pop fitness, Hyunyoung is known for her instagram workout videos and her tight body, normally that would earn her a higher place on this list but with so much competition she finds herself towards the middle of the pack.

137: Hwasa – Mamamoo

hwasa photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: One of our panelists was really high on this girl, in his words “dawg she is SO THICK”, the other panelist wasn’t so high leading to her being in  the middle of the back but not a bad showing.

Chu: LOL

136: Eunha – GFriend

eunha butt photo
Photo by Jay Yerim

Pa: This member of GFriend takes no prisoners with her cute looks and attractive body, look for her to try and vault herself up at least 40 spots before next yearss list is released.

Chu:  Agreed.  Dat booty tho.  She’s my favorite in GFriend now, but she wasn’t at the time of voting.

Pa: Gotta do that research, fam.

Ra: I’m glad Jia is still to be called.

Pa: Sorry to tell you Jia isn’t on the list.

Ra: Wowwwwww. You guys are fucked up.  So fucked.

135: Bomi – Apink

bomi apink photo
Photo by jonong1004

Pa: The fun of Apink she should be a lot higher on this list but someone was a hater and rated her low, shes got it all the looks, the spirit and vocals…next year…next year.

Ra: Yo why is Bomi 135? She’s so cute.

Pa: I know fam I know. Tragedy.

134: Nayoung – IOI

nayoung pristin photo
Photo by randyngo7199

Pa: Now we are getting to the fire!!! things are heating up as we approach the top 100 but unfortunately Nayoung didn’t make it but next year will be different.

Chu: Full disclosure, I messed up on the Nayoung and Chungha rankings.  I love em, seriously.

133: Serri – Dal Shabet

serri dal shabet photo

Pa: Come over here, Dal Shabet boy oh boy Serri is the freak of the group…she’s the one you’d want to meet at the bar for sure, cheers to Serri keep doing your thing.

132: Chungha – IOI

chungha photo
Photo by Favidol

Pa: Another girl on the list that was critically misplaced, the dancer of IOI brings the heat…just watch the whatta man video.

Chu: Agreed about Whatta Man.

131: Wheein – Mamamoo

wheein photo
Photo by Noofilicia

Pa: The backup vocals of Mamamoo, she may be short in stature but she packs a punch! If she wasn’t so short she might be a little higher on this list.

130: Sojin – 9muses

jo sojin photo

Pa: The bad girl of 9 muses comes in at number 130…not a bad showing, can she rank high next year? will there be a comeback for 9muses? or will they be the next to disband?

129: Jiae – Lovelyz

jiae lovelyz photo
Photo by KaskusLovelyz

Pa: If you haven’t noticed by now the girls from Lovelyz are all lovely and she fits that mold…this group is going to take off as they get older.

128: Nayoung – Gugudan

nayoung gugudan photo
Photo by Star Arena

Pa: It’s the battle of the young groups as Lovelyz and Gugudan fight for supremacy with cosmic girls…who will come out on top?

127: Seola – Cosmic Girls

Photo by OneHallyu

Pa: Speaking of Cosmic Girls…boom they fire right back with a heavy hitter of their own…saying they will see you in the top 100 Lovelyz and Gugudan.

126: Narae – Spica

narae park photo
Photo by itgscv1

Pa: Another Spica girl…how high can this group go? we shall see just wait for our next installment when we dive into the top 125.

Chu: Leave a comment if you think we’re brain dead.







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Xiumin and Mark – Young and Free Review

Author: Daduda

Check him out here or give him a shout on!

Song: 5/5
Mark’s rapping and Xiumin’s singing was top notch. It was a perfect mix and match throughout the song. This is such a happy instrumental. Perfect to start off the summer. For the 2nd verse they changed the instrumental a bit up isntead of repeating the one that was used for the first one and it mixed in well with the rest of the song.
The instrumental is pretty consistent throughout the song.
The build up for the chorus is so catchy.
MV: 4/5
It was kept simple and I loved the “teacher – pupil”/friendship/relationship they portrayed. Mark learning the dance parts Xiumin showed him was adorable. And then slaying together at the end.
The end scene might suggest that there will be a continuation.
Dance: 4/5
The dance at the end looked so fun. It didn’t look too hard but it was engaging.
Overall: 4.3
This is a collab I didn’t knew I needed in my life. It’s such a happy and uplifting song!