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12 Unbiased Reasons Why K-Pop Is Amazing

K-Pop has been a developing subject of discussion for years.  When Psy broke onto the mainstream music scene with his hit “Gangnam Style,” K-Pop truly started to spread its global reach. It currently stands as the most viewed Youtube video of all time at over 2.8 billion views.  Soon, fans everywhere took the dive to learn more about this genre of music and the culture behind it.  What does “oppa” mean?  What is Gangnam?  Who is that girl?

Five years later, K-Pop’s popularity has never been better. Here are 12 reasons why real fans know that K-pop is truly a great music genre:

1. Singers Are Highly Talented

It is evident how skilled these idols are. Starting at a young age, it takes years of dedication to hone their craft. Dance practice, sing practice, regular school work…these kids are working harder than your average student.  All for a CHANCE to one day debut and make it big.  The idol life isn’t for the faint of heart.

2. Fandom Nicknames

K-Pop bunches have a ton of fun names for their fans. Big Bang calls their fans “V.I.Ps,” eliciting a cool, exclusive vibe from their fanclub.  AoA uses the term “Elvis,” which was derived from their debut single.  BTS has their “A.R.M.Y,” which stands for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.”  And it just sounds badass to call your fanclub the ARMY.  No matter who you are an enthusiast of, you’ll generally have a cool name to associate yourself with so you can support your favorite singers while also being a special one yourself.

3. Their Choreography Is Amazing

Practice videos are sometimes even more popular than the actual music video. Usher was awesome back in they day, but what if you took his dance skills and put it in to 4, 5, or even 12 members of one group? This is merely the norm nowadays.  Groups like EXO and 2NE1 have been known to impress hundreds of thousands of people with their amazing choreography so if you haven’t yet seen their videos on YouTube or Vimeo then it may be high time that you give them a view.

4. The Fancams

Sometimes awesome.  Sometimes creepy.  They are a fan’s closest companion. There are numerous fancam websites and videos out there so K-Pop fans can rejoice from having a seemingly endless supply of content from their favorite groups. As fancams become more and more popular, K-Pop idols can actually regard themselves as pioneers in the industry.

5. Their Videos Are Oscar Worthy

From the astounding visual impacts to the astonishing storylines, K-Pop videos are truly at the top of their class. If you’ve never seen a K-Pop video, it may be high time that you go to YouTube and immerse yourself for a few hours.  No other music genre comes close.

6. How About We Don’t Forget Airport Fashion?

K-Pop icons constantly figure out new ways to look perfect even before and after a really long flight. This is something not as common in the world of regular pop and dance, where singers mostly dress clean but casual. K-Pop fans will know that G-Dragon and IU always look impeccably stylish before a takeoff.

7. K-Pop Idols Say The Darnedest Things

Don’t take our word for it.  Google yourself interviews and variety show excerpts, and you will see that most K-Pop artists can provide a hell of a fun time. They are trained to be relatable while still having all the answers.  Trained in the art of PR with a PhD in adorableness.

8. They’re Funny

If parodies and skits are your thing then K Pop artists are something you should not miss. In general, they seem to take themselves a lot less seriously than most American artists.  I mean can you imagine an American Running Man?  Ridiculous gags are par for the course in Korea.

9. International Superstars Like Them, Too

G-Dragon and PSY have been known to pose with Justin Bieber while Chloe Moretz has posed multiple times with the girl group Mamamoo. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you see regular pop and K-pop artists posing together.

10. Joint Efforts

Joint collaborations with Western artists are awesome. If you are not sure what we are talking about, here are a two titles to look for: Dirty Vibe (Skrillex feat Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon) and Hangover (Psy feat Snoop Dogg).

11. Groups Can Be Anything They Want

They can be adorable as strawberries or wild as flame. Group “concepts” change all the time.  Sometimes from video to video, sometimes for extended runs.  It’s not uncommon for your favorite groups to reinvent themselves into something even more awesome than your previously knew.

12. Your World Stops When You See Them Perform

This isn’t just my opinion.  This is real scientific fact. When your favorite group hits the stage, the entire world stops for that moment. It’s the magic happening right in front of your eyes that makes you believe in love and miracles.