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KARD Hola Hola 1st Mini Album Review

Author: Daduda

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Oh NaNa: 4/5
The track’s instrumental is kept the same throughout the whole song without too much variety than the changes for their solo parts and the switch up to the chorus. It sounds very tropical and is nice to listen to. The line mixing between Somin & Jiwoo felt very fair and both got to show the different sides of their vocals. We also get introduced to BM’s rap at the beginning which flows well intro the pre-chorus. The drop with the repeated Oh NaNa harmonies sounds nice. They throw us right back with Somin’s vocals for the 2nd verse. You can hear how different J.Seph goes into his rap. I don’t like Youngji’s breakdown. I don’t think her voice fit and it would’ve been better for Somin to do the high notes. More harmonies between the male and female voices which sound really nice for an ending.
Don’t Recall: 5/5
The best pre-debut track, no question. The instrumental this time, a bit more serious and deeper which reflects on the lyrics. Jiwoo’s starting part is awesome. It fit her voice so well and it’s probably also my favorite part of the song. The instrumental having a similar structure to “Oh NaNa”, having them sing a pre-chorus before the drop. More harmonies at the end. I kinda wish they have used the little extra bits for the instrumental they used for Jiwoo’s part at the beginning would’ve given it more depth (ex. 0:20). J.Seph’s rap is pretty amazing. I love how he makes it flow really easily.
Rumor: 2.75/5
The song is probably the most relaxing song. It is pretty laid back for the verses. The instrumental for this one also has the same structure as the previous two tracks. Singing a pre-chrous before the drop, umping right into the 2nd verse after the drop etc. . It was a stylistic choice, but I wasn’t approving of J.Seph’s auto tuned vocals. He has a nice tone which got drowned out by it. I don’t know why but the song changed the mood for me in Jiwoo’s part, it just sounded kinda different than the rest of the song. It definitely was missing some high notes from Somin. A radio version of the song proved that there were actually high notes during the last part but why the producers didn’t decide to use them is beyond me.
Hola Hola: 3.5/5
Finally a different structure for their debut song. They jumped into the drop immediately after the build-up from Jiwoo ended. The first verse was pretty laid back which was supported by Somin’s nice floweing vocals. BM’s rap took the pace a bit up which led us into the builld up for the drop which kept the same pace as BM’s rap. It’s pretty unusual but it was well used for this song. They could’ve used a bit more of a variety for the drop, it felt kinda repetitive. Who would’ve guessed that Jiwoo will rap. Her rap or simple speaking, for some sounded really great and gave the song a bit of variety through the more “hip-hop” instrumental. J.Seph’s rap was mixed well with the tropical instrumental, his flow also gave off the vibe. They extended the drop for too long before the bridge, the bridge with the higher register vocals from Somin & Jiwoo with the male harmonies sounded great. And the mix up of the last drop gave the whole song a nice ending.
I Won’t Stop: 5/5
The song focuses more on the vocals than the rap. The line mixing between Jiwoo & Somin fit well with the more EDM sounding instrumental. While it might be a grower I think this track might be the hidden gem of the mini album. The build up for the chorus was amazing. It gave off a whole different vibe compared to the verse and chorus. The drop was mixed in well. The rap from J.Seph was fast paced compared to BM’s which felt a bit more laid back. Sadly both ended on a short note although they fit the instrumental very well. The last 1:30 minute repeat what it did before the rap parts but it wasn’t repetitive at all. Might be because it was only used twice in the whole song instead of 3-4 times like in their previous tracks.
Living Good: 5/5
In contrast to “I Won’t Stop” this is definitely more of BM’s and J.Seph’s song since it’s also written by themselves therefore more feelings can be brought up in the raps. The rap’s were really nice with the more laid back, easy tropical instrumental. Somin & Jiwoo brought the song a different feel with their vocals. Somin brought a bit more of a “lighter” feeling while Jiwoo brought more of a serious note to it. J.Seph sounded very emotional during his part, but that just might be me.
The ending part was so cute. With each of them having a little message. Having the fans scream “Living Good!” every time was a great mix into the parts they each took.
Overall: 4.2
The album was a great addition to my summer playlist. Every song while having the same structure being unique with the different feeling and vibe each song portrays.