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NU’EST Re:Birth Album Review

Author: Daduda
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Judgement: 3/3 (only 3 max. points since it’s not a “real” full song)
It was a nice Intro bringing us into the whole album, it really gave off a good first look what tracks will come.
Big Deal: 5/5
Man, what a BANGER! The beginning kinda reminded me of Eminem but besides that it was a special unqiue track on its own. I loved the harmonies and of course the vocals. Probably some of the best vocals. The chorus is so catchy and I liked how they brought the whole feel of an orchestra into it. The rap after it was perfect with the background music again that went a bit harder than the beginning. The instrumental for the build up of the chorus is so nice. They had so many different instrumentals especially near the end again with that amazing high note. And that guitar right after it, geez! What a good mixing!
Good Bye Bye: 5/5
The instrumental in the beginning is so damn nice. Such a beautiful melody that continues once the singing starts.With an addition of a small violin part and then the amazing build up to the chorus with the small pause between really gave the chorus the needed “punch-start”. The small piano part that ended the chorus was nice! Again the rap after the chorus was very well mixed together with the background music. “Good Bye Baby” is also very catchy. And then they switched the whole beat up with an amazing electronic instrumental breakdown which flowed perfectly into the usual chorus again.
Darkness: 4/5
What a pretty ballad! The vocals sounded so nice here ~ and harmonies! I love harmonies! The instrumental gave a nice soft feeling, like you just want to cuddle your blanket. It seems that they always put their rap after the 1st chorus and it fits every. single. time. The ballad wasnt even too slow-paced and it even sounded happier towards the end. They really work with the amazing high notes. The little whistle part was lovely.
Storybook: 3.5/5
This has such a nice old-school vibe. The instrumental just screams “back in the days”. They haven’t kept the build up to the chorus that much different, sounded like an extended version. The vocals were very nice. Again the rap after the chorus, and even though it even is a harmonized rap I don’t think I felt the flow this time. The difference between the 2nd verse and the build up/chorus was very big which I really enjoyed. They kept the chorus instrumental up till the end, kinda wish they had changed it up here a bit too.
Climax: 5/5
This is my favorite track of the album. I love their vocals and the rap. The instrumental was so so nice. The continously piano throughout the song was really well mixed with the edm parts of the chorus. The chorus is also catchy as hell. Their vocals just sounded so great here. The build up to the chorus with the drumsgave the whole thing a bit more force. The ending build-up was so amazing. The synthesized sound was really well done. Loved the instrumental ending.
Give Me A Shoulder: 3.5/5
They jumped in immediately in with the vocals. The background music was also verys old-school with the intense drums. The rap was really hard considering the instrumental was pretty soft and that difference was really amazing. The chorus was a bit lackluster, I think they wanted to give their feature Kym Bum Zu a bit more spotlight, that’s why I felt like they were holding back a bit. The song felt a bit repetitive since it didn’t had like a “full stop” where it changed the instrumental up. The instrumental end was a nice touch.
Face: 3.5/5
Their debut song. Man so long ago. 2012, and you can hear it. The song sounds very old school. The break down was pretty cool. I like the song. but it’s probably my least-favorite release of them, but that’s with most old tracks. I loved how the breakdown changed the whole song in the end until the chorus came again. It’s very catchy I can’t deny that. The rap at the end brought a good closure to the song.
Action: 4/5
Their first comeback song. Much better than their debut song for me. They are really talented in making the build ups to the chorus sound good. Their vocals sounded great here too. THAT BREAKDOWN tho! Man I love these. And the high notes right after it jeez! The rap was good too!
Hello: 5/5
This is the song many people say that it’s their best one. I love the song! And I’m glad they decided to go for a ballad as a title this time. The instrumental with that distinctive drums complimented their vocals. ~ Harmonies <3 ~ The rap was great too and I loved how he got faster to lead into the build up for the chorus.
Sleep Talking: 3.5/5
I love glitch sounds. They were all over the instrumental. The verses weres so different form the build up and chorus. While I loved the verses instrumental I wasn’t a too big fan of the rap. The chorus was the highlight of the song for me. It was pretty catchy and what a fun breakdown at the end.
Overall: 4.1
This album has some amazing bops. They always had different instrumentals in their tracks which was simply amazing how they swapped it up everytime. Their build-up followed by the chorus and then the rap is a perfect combination for the songs and they always flow very great together.
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