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VIXX Shangri La Album Review

Author: Daduda

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Shangri La: 5/5

That instrumental is sick! Gosh, I just don’t know what to write about this song besides that they did everything right. Their vocals over the whole song sound so good. I loved how they used a bit of traditional elements for this song. It really gives the song a nice touch. There isn’t a moment you get bored while listening because they are keeping the suspense throughout the song. The chorus is catchy and I really want to sing along while listening to it every time. You have to bop your head or something while listening to the song. I love the silent ending where the instrumental plays out.

Into The Void: 4/5

The beginning has a dark turn and I love that. There was a slight creepy emotion throughout the song. The mixing of the vocals and rap was very well done. Again the vocals were just to dream of. The song is almost musical-like because it really keeps the suspense here going too. I don’t like the “Killing me killing me” part. It doesn’t fit to the rest of the song. I really like the instrumental. It carries that whole “creepy” vibe the song gives off very well.

Black Out: 5/5

The beginning already took a great turn from the previous 2 tracks. It totally changed the whole atmosphere. It’s more of a happy song, love how Ravi brings us into the chorus with his little sentence. Man no joke, the instrumental and the vocals, they won’t stop sounding good at all. It always gets better. There were more harmonies in this song which I really enjoyed. This song is very catchy. The rap part of Ravi was funny with the “mmh” sounds. Before the last chorus drops they also changed it up a bit which sounded very good mixed together with the rest of the song.

다가오네: 4/5

I’m not someone who listens to slow ballads a lot, I really like if they are a bit more upbeat which this track was. It was a nice change after listening to 3 more “harder beats” track and it was a nice song to chill a bit down after the excitement the other 3 brought. The vocals definitely get better with each listen, they all sound different and the line change up was really enjoyable I felt like everyone really made the part sound great that they sang. Ravi in the end with his rap was great too. He just has such a soft but rough voice at the same time.

우리에게: 4/5

The intro was so nice. Their voices sounded very soft in here. The build up to the chorus was great, the chorus really brought out the emotion the instrumental wants to show. This track is so beautiful, I’m really amazed with the whole build up. It kinda reminds me of a song that could’ve been played at something like “Camp Rock” or “High School Musical” as a final song. They slowed it a bit down at the end and supported it with nice sounding vocals to end the song.

Overall: 4.4

This album is a masterpiece. Especially Shangri La and Black Out. The album shows different genres that VIXX definitely can make work. The different genres they used and the distribution of the songs really gave the whole album an overall nice flow with each track bringing in something different and continues your flow beautifully to the next song

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