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Xiumin and Mark – Young and Free Review

Author: Daduda

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Song: 5/5
Mark’s rapping and Xiumin’s singing was top notch. It was a perfect mix and match throughout the song. This is such a happy instrumental. Perfect to start off the summer. For the 2nd verse they changed the instrumental a bit up isntead of repeating the one that was used for the first one and it mixed in well with the rest of the song.
The instrumental is pretty consistent throughout the song.
The build up for the chorus is so catchy.
MV: 4/5
It was kept simple and I loved the “teacher – pupil”/friendship/relationship they portrayed. Mark learning the dance parts Xiumin showed him was adorable. And then slaying together at the end.
The end scene might suggest that there will be a continuation.
Dance: 4/5
The dance at the end looked so fun. It didn’t look too hard but it was engaging.
Overall: 4.3
This is a collab I didn’t knew I needed in my life. It’s such a happy and uplifting song!